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Funeral crashers: how antifa became the new Westboro Baptist Church

17 August 2017

8:09 PM

17 August 2017

8:09 PM

No, liberals, the ends do not justify the means. There is no vindication for violence, despite your cause. The heartbreaking events in Charlottesville on Saturday are now being used as a smokescreen for those with an urge to resort to violence.

Stop trying to put a gender, a race or face on hate. When hate meets hate, it stops mattering which direction it arrived from.

Heather Heyer died amidst the chaos in Charlottesville on Saturday. Anti-fascist activists arrived at the Paramount Theatre where Heyer’s funeral was being held on Wednesday. The mob of left-wing protestors, armed with purple shields and bats, decided they were justified in funeral crashing.

Can you imagine anyone feeling that was the right thing to do?

A woman inside the funeral ceremony began to shout out attacking Trump.

In what world did she think for one split second that was justified?

What ideological hideousness has become her reality?

In what world did she imagine this was the time, the place, or that this was in any warped way showing respect?

A video has emerged of Heather’s mother speaking up at this point. She is pleading for those present to be respectful of her daughter.

“Our daughter did not live a life of hate, and hating this young man is not going to solve anything,” she is heard saying.

Why is a woman who is trying to lay her daughter to rest being forced to explain?

She added that her daughter’s life was about “fairness and equality and caring, and that’s what we want people to take away from this.”

Wherever you choose to sit on the spectrum of left and right, make no mistake, any party fuelled by hatred, violence and lack of respect is as hideous as the next.

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