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Not such an ‘unnatural’ alliance

5 August 2017

9:00 AM

5 August 2017

9:00 AM

Some conservatives appear puzzled at the alliance between the nihilistic Left and Muslim jihadism, between a culture apparently obsessed with forcing homosexuality on school-children and one which throws homosexuals from the tops of buildings, between one that ridicules the notion of a God and one which beheads blasphemers and apostates.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a black, female atheist who has overcome incredible disadvantages, including death threats and the murder of her associates, to become a significant world figure, might be thought to be held the quintessence of what progressive women admired. Yet not one feminist voice was raised when threats by Muslim extremists forced her Australian trip to be cancelled, or against Prime Minister Turnbull’s craven failure to offer – or guarantee – her protection on Australian soil. On the contrary, the frightbats joined with the would-be jihadis in attacking her.

Partly this may be explained by envy or jealousy – Hirsi Ali has actually done what they have only dreamed of or played at doing. She has also been a real victim and has overcome victimisation in a way that puts their caressing of a phoney ‘victimhood’ for themeslves to shame.

The Left once claimed a monopoly on scientific thought and progress – the flag of the Communist Party of America once incorporated an atomic nucleus – but it now joins with, or refuses to oppose, the most comphensively anti-progressive movement in the world. Once championing national independence and industrialisation, the Left here now accepts American green-sourced money to attack and ultimately destroy our coal-mining industry. Trendy clergymen make common cause with jihadis who would behead them in a moment if they got the chance. As well as jihadism, the Left tacitly allies with anti-scientific and junk-science superstitions. As Tony Thomas put it: ‘Our politicians scuttle about looking for innovative ways to strangle the Australian energy sector (whilst) America is unleashing a world-changing energy revolution.’

In federal parliament recently, leftist MP’s opposed a citizenship test on ‘values’ such as opposition to forced marriages, female genital mutilation and whether it is acceptable to beat women. Dr Anne Aly said it would be unjust to support such a test. Is it desirable we import people who do believe in such things?

What seems so far the ultimate expression of this weird alliance, after a spate of rapes by Muslim ‘asylum-seekers’ in Germany, was a parade of leftist German girls under a banner reading ‘Rapists Welcome’. A Scandinavian female liberal politician says rape by an asylium-seeker is not as bad a rape by a white man. Germaine Greer, most strident spokesman for Western Women’s Liberation, has, incredibly, defended female genital mutilation as an alternative culture. A synagogue in Germany is burnt down without the Arab perpetrators being punished, the court holding it was a ‘political’ protest!

But like the 1939-41 Hitler-Stalin pact, the alliance between leftism and fanatical Islam and superstition is not as unnatural as it seems. As with that pact, both parties have a common goal: the destruction of the Christian West. One sees bringing all the world to ‘submission’, the other, in the words of G. K. Chesterton’s Nietzschean billionaire Lord Ivywood, sees ‘The breaking of barriers. Beyond that I see nothing’.

Once that is achieved they can be expected to very promptly turn on each other, as Hitler and Stalin did (there is evidence Stalin was planning to drive west into Europe as soon as the Wehrmacht’s victories had ‘opened it up’, and crushed the democracies). Stalin hoped to use Hitler as a junk-yard attack dog until, again like a junk-yard dog, he turned on him.

Perhaps on a less conscious level, the Left is using fanatical jihadism as an attack dog, watching it savage the things it hates (including itself), with complacency.

Hitler’s and Stalin’s temporary alliance was possible because of the important things they had in common – contempt for the Christian West and for human life, as well as subscription to crazy anti-Semitic and other anti-scientific theories – which may also be seen at the dark heart of the assault on the West today (Stalin was always anti-Semitic but this was in part subsumed into his murderous hatred of all humanity. When he died he was beginning a new anti-Semitic purge against ‘rootless cosmopolitanism’).

Anti-Semitism, an essential part of anti-Westernism is general, is a major part of the tie binding the enemies of the West together now. The Canadian Parliament recently voted by a large majority to make ‘Islamophobia’, but not anti-Semitism, a crime, and a Muslim terrorist, Omar Khadr, who pleaded guilty in 2010 to killing American soldier, Sgt. Chris Speer, in addition to attempted murder, conspiracy, and providing support to terrorists, was paid $10.5 million there because his civil rights were allegedly violated.

What gave an extra edge to the Left’s quite deranged hatred of President Trump, like Prime Ministers John Howard and Tony Abbott in Australia, is that they were strong supporters of Israel as well as of the Christian West (note that Turnbull does not attract such hatred – the Left does not see him as its cultural enemy, but perhaps as something like its puppet). The hatred of Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater – complete and uncompromising men of modernity – was much the same, as was mockery of the moonshots, nuclear power and the Strategic Defence Initiative. Israel is hated not only because of its conflict with Islam, but because Jews have won about a quarter of all the Nobel Prizes in hard subjects.

There is a myth that the Vatican is hated not only because it is simultaneously anti-hedonist and also, by definition, an adversary of Islam, but also because it was, allegedly, a foe of Science (‘remember Galileo!’). In fact it was historically a great patron of science. Despite being a Catholic Priest and indeed a Professor of Dogmatic Theology in Rome, the great astronomer Guiseppe Piazzi, discoverer of Ceres, travelled to England in 1788 to work with a Protestant, Nevil Maskelyne.

James McAuley spoke of the Adversary Culture, in which common cause is made by apparent enemies to bring about the destruction of the established cultural norms, institutions, traditions and values of civilisation and of Christianity.

Those who would prohibit women from driving cars and those who demand women, for the sake of destroying our military traditions, be placed in front-line combat forces to somehow lift wounded, including wounded women, out of burning tanks or aircraft before the flames reach them, both want the normal and traditional, the ways of reason, common-sense and civilisation, destroyed.

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