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Our leftie lingo around domestic violence is awry

29 August 2017

3:53 PM

29 August 2017

3:53 PM

Welcome to gendered violence groundhog day.  

Yet again today it’s reported more funding is being dedicated to “women and families fleeing domestic violence.” 

The Herald Sun reports the Victorian State government has assigned $5.2 million for 24 one and two bedroom apartments.  

The language used in domestic violence conversations demonstrates how much the odious left wing anti-men bias has infiltrated all discussions. Even the right have been duped. Leftie screeching is so persistent it deafens opponents into subliminal submission.   

Perhaps they could be honest and more specific when they talk about “women and families”? After all, “women and families” sounds very PC, but it’s not honest, is it? 

Families include men. However, there is no compassion for men in the fierce fem-vocab.  

Neither is it women and all children.  

If a mother has boys from the age of nine to 12 upwards they will not be allowed into domestic violence shelters will they? No. Why not? Because, again, the left wing anti-men bias has infiltrated all discussions. Simply, boys become a “risk” as they turn into men according to the (un)Holy Scriptures of feminism. Apparently that happens at age nine-12, depending on your location.  

Please tell me again how feminism isn’t anti-men? 

Please tell me again why the feminist narrative ever wrapped its greedy hands around the domestic violence discussion? 

Women’s Housing Limited will be running the project. Do we feign shock at this news?  

Chief executive Judy Line told Herald Sun, “We all know there is a pressing need for more housing for vulnerable Victorians.”  

Correct. We do all know that. But what hope do we have in addressing this with “Women’s Housing Limited” running the agenda? Shall we ask the men sleeping friend’s couches or in parks?  

Line added that the housing would help women move on from refuges and homelessness services. “It provides them and their children with a pathway into a sustainable accommodation where they can receive support to rebuild their lives,” she said.  

Why has left wing anti-men vocabulary infiltrated these discussions to such a corrupt degree that we have become accustomed to hearing the term, “women and their children”? 

Children are not possessions; neither do they belong solely to their mothers.  

Unravelling this language is the first step to yanking the strings off the comfy government-funded purse. What is critical in making any real progress in this area is first admitting that violence is not a gendered issue. Both men and women can be violent. Shall we look again at the fraudulent language we’re using to shape this discussion?   

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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