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16 August 2017

9:21 AM

16 August 2017

9:21 AM

For once, Malcolm Turnbull appears to be in tune with the nation. He spoke up this morning to criticise a Melbourne council’s decision to ditch Australia Day. In a historic move, all references to Australia Day will be dropped and the annual citizenship ceremony cancelled in Yarra, thanks to a survey of all of 300 people.

Instead, the City of Yarra, in Melbourne’s inner north, has announced citizenship ceremonies on January 26 will be replaced with an event “marking the loss of Indigenous culture”.

The Prime Minister said he was disappointed, saying they were “using a day that should unite Australians to divide Australians.” In a statement, he said, “An attack on Australia Day is a repudiation of the values the day celebrates: freedom, a fair go, mateship and diversity.”

Not content with trashing our national day in their own meddling council, this team of twerps will be lobbying the Federal Government to change the date of Australia Day. In its place, they want a communications plan implemented that “helped people better understand the Indigenous communities’.

Question to the guilt-edged goons: how is changing the date going to make it any different? Do we keep trying to re-write history if it offends someone?

From the sound of Turnbull’s statement, it doesn’t sound like they’ll have his support. “I recognise Australia Day, and its history, is complex for many Indigenous Australians but the overwhelming majority of Australians believe the twenty-sixth of January is the day and should remain our national day,” he said.

Once again, we see leftist activism pushing against the tide of popular opinion in Australia. These are drastic, extensive changes.

Perhaps it’s not surprising to hear Yarra Council is comprised of four grandstanding Greens (need I continue?), two Labor, two independents and a member of the Socialist Alliance. All voted unanimously.

Yet again, the Left attempt to take strides in the name of “progress”, hoping that the rest of us will follow their revered lead.

Labor councillor Mi-Lin Chen Yi Mei said, “While I recognise not everyone will agree to this proposal, I think it’s important to change and make reform.”

There we have it: ludicrous left-wing elites bold and underlined.

Far left fools, stop telling us we are wrong and patronisingly suggest we will learn, given time.

You are not right. You do not know better than us. We don’t want you to change Australia Day.

Councillor Stephen Jolly, who was a long-standing Socialist member of (until the group split, as Trots always do) wasted no time in chiming in with his support for the move. He said it was important to “start listening to Indigenous Australians who see it very differently.”


Australians have every right to feel proud of our national day.

Mark Latham is championing a petition to save Australia Day. It currently has over 13,000 signatures. Please go to saveaustraliaday.com to sign.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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