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Reshuffling the ABC is futile

6 October 2017

7:49 AM

6 October 2017

7:49 AM

So many promises: each as useless as the last.

What is the point of the ABCs overhaul of current affairs journalism if they don’t challenge the cliquish narrative?

Lateline and The Link – Friday night’s current affairs guff – have been axed.

ABC’s News Director Gaven Morris said, “When it launched in 1990 Lateline was a ground-breaking program, and for almost three decades it has made an enormous contribution to Australian public life. Many great ABC journalists and production teams have worked with Lateline and the current team has produced an innovative brand of late-evening current affairs. The Link was a bold experiment that has done wonderful, creative work.”


So the performance review is in and reveals Lateline was ground-breaking 30 years ago, while The Link has been a taxpayer-funded “bold experiment”? This is why we all get up and go to work in the morning?

In the shake-up, we can reportedly expect to see “investigative and specialist reporting teams”.

The problem is they won’t be “reporting” teams at all, will they? You’re not a reporter if you weave strands of a biased narrative through your story and questioning. Think Aunty’s war on Adani. That’s not reporting.

Restructuring is a waste of time, energy and effort.

What people want is unbiased reporting, not heavily left-leaning propaganda.

Look at them merrily wasting taxpayer’s money while they swing round daydreaming in their grandiose boardroom chairs pretending to make more important decisions.

Are they really so blinkered that they don’t identify what most people see?

Have they no understanding of why ratings are crashing?

Are they so tone deaf to their own relentless bleating that they don’t understand people are sick of PC-pandering presenters and crave balance?

Why are they postponing the inevitable?

It’s not enough to reshuffle the same hand.

Rejigging the same rubbish will fail to represent what the majority of Australians want to watch, whichever month they finally decide to do the grand unveil.

In the meantime, will all have paid dearly for it – and we’re still stuck with Q&A and The Drum.

Rip it all up and start again.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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