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The Greens for sale

3 October 2017

12:00 PM

3 October 2017

12:00 PM


You’re a political party who appears to have reached – gratuitous Club of Rome reference – the limits of growth. What do you do next?

The Greens appear to have found the answer. No. They’re not establishing a Gulag. The Deep Green faction appears to have won out over the Red Greens. Instead, they’re going into the ecotourism business.

In an email issued in leader Richard Di Natale’s name they ask:

And that’s only the start. Click through to the booking site and you get the full spiel:

Have you ever imagined gazing out over the inspiring landscapes of the Red Centre? 

Thanks to the first Greens Outback Trek, you now have the opportunity to travel to the Northern Territory, a part of our wonderful country that’s so dear to me, and hike the Larapinta Trail with like-minded Greens supporters.

In July 2018, we will take twenty lucky adventurers along one of this country’s best walking tracks. The trek is also on Arrernte land, which means you’ll experience indigenous culture first-hand while following Dreaming Tracks and walking beside one of the world’s oldest river systems.

I’m really excited to introduce this new way for you to get involved with our party. So please, take a closer look at our first ever Inspired Adventure.

As part of this incredible — and challenging — seven day adventure, your group will travel from the old Alice Springs Telegraph Station to the peak of Mount Sonder along the backbone of the West MacDonnell Ranges.

I was fortunate to spend time in remote communities when I worked as a doctor before joining politics, so take it from me: it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Thanks so much for supporting the Greens in the past. Now you can make a big contribution to our work, and have fun while you do it. Find out more about our first ever trek to one of this country’s most beautiful and precious places…

The cost for all this communing with nature? Ah. That’s a bit hard to find. But it comes in at $770 registration and $2650 for the trek. Plus flights. Chump change, given how well-heeled so many Greens supporters are.

Mind you, they’ve got competition.

The Greens trek is organised by Inspired Adventures. Another company, Larapinta Trail Walk, is offering all-female “Goddess Walks” with “early morning yoga and meditation sessions” and a daily “evening cultural interpretation session with local indigenous community leader [sic]”. And they begin from only $1450…

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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