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Rotten Greens

11 November 2017

1:28 PM

11 November 2017

1:28 PM

Watching a riot when a crowd turns into a mindless, maddened beast screaming for blood is a frightening experience.

To be within that hate-filled crowd, screamed at, spat upon and in fear of violence, must have been terrifying.

That was the treatment handed out to Sydney City Councillor Christine Forster and her partner Virginia Edwards as they tried to make their way into a Liberal Party fundraiser last evening, and found themselves in the midst of Green protestors, baying for blood.

Normally these women would be seen to be sympathetic to many of the causes supposedly espoused by the Greens and the rabble of so-called ‘protesters’ brought together by groups such as GetUp!.

But simply because they were caught, seen to be arriving at a fundraiser that was also attended by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and former PM Tony Abbott, Forster’s brother, they were targeted and assaulted and if not for the cordon of police, might have been severely hurt.

“People should be able to walk into an event unmolested, unassaulted and unattacked,” Forster said.

“Not being spat on, not being abused in my electorate of the City of Sydney, in my beautiful, wonderful city of Sydney this was a terrible attack…it was shocking and it was dangerous. These people put not only Virginia and me in danger, they put the police who were looking after us in serious danger and they put themselves in danger by the way they were reacting.”

“People were trying to punch us, people ripped the jacket off my back. If you want to make your political protest, anyone can make a political protest anywhere in Australia, but you don’t do it like that.” But sadly, they do now.

The Sydney riot was prescient of what is to come unless the thugs and cowardly attackers sponsored by the Greens – the Greens Nick McKim should be held responsible for precipitating such violence from his Manus reports on detainees refusing to leave the centre.

Perhaps rioters should, in future, be dealt with in the way riots are dealt with in our region. From Beijing to Bangkok, when the military is called out to assist the local police force with disturbances, their means of quelling disturbances are not nice but they are effective.

The Greens and their GetUp! cronies should be held in contempt for stirring up a protest that could have led to deaths; that two women who had nothing to do with the Manus detainees were targeted and attacked is truly shameful in this country.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale and his sidekick McKim — along with the likes of Ian Rintoul and his Refugee Action Coalition chums, who took great pride in last night’s handiwork — have questions to answer about their part in stirring up violence that might have led to death and serious injury both to those attacked by the rioters, like Forster and Edwards, the rioters themselves and the police who put themselves in danger, trying to quell the violence.

Middle Australia is turning away from the confected anger and indignation of the protesters, as more of the Manus detainees start to move to the new accommodation provided before the PNG military moves in to assist their passage. The Greens are increasingly perceived not as longer warm and cuddly environmentalists but manipulative and dangerous  extremists.

Yesterday’s Sydney riot was the last full-volume hate-filled protest by people who knew they’d fired the last shot in the magazine and it was a dud.

It is indeed a pity that the cowards in Sydney who took their anger and frustrated rage out on two innocent women aren’t themselves on Manus. Facing the PNG military police.

Illustration: YouTube.

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