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16 December 2017

9:00 AM

16 December 2017

9:00 AM

Abbott and Trump are right


It is one year since Tony Abbott, recalling the role of the Australian Light Horse in liberating Jerusalem from the Ottoman Turks, presciently called for Australia to join President Trump when he fulfilled his election promise to move the embassy there. Now that Trump has, unlike his predecessors, courageously given effect to the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act, Australia should follow suit. We are not only one of the few countries to have been involved militarily in freeing the region in both world wars, we long ago set an example to all the world when so many other Western countries were infected by the anti-Semitic plague. Our young mainly Anglo-Saxon country produced  not only a Jewish chief justice, but also a Jewish army commander and a Jewish head of state.

Trump’s thoughtful speech will live long in the hearts and minds of not only the Israelis but all those for whom Judeo-Christian values are fundamental. In it he insisted that his decision was in no way a departure from America’s strong commitment to facilitate a lasting peace agreement acceptable to all. His speech demonstrates the conclusion reached by one of America’s leading conservative commentators and a strong constitutionalist, Mark Levin. This is that not enough credit is given to Trump for being cerebral, a proposition which equally applies to Abbott, a point well demonstrated by Damien Freeman in his new book Abbott’s Right.

Some warn of violence, but not to do or say something out of fear of violence would have gagged both Pauline Hanson and Milo Yiannopoulos. Giving into such thuggery is inimical to a free society; for the Victorian police minister to seek to extract the cost of violence from the victims is intolerable, unenforceable and unconstitutional.

It is crystal clear that Malcolm Turnbull could be in no doubt about the status of Jerusalem; after all his recent visit to Israel centred there.  Months before he rejoiced, with a packed congregation in a Sydney synagogue, when Benjamin Netanyahu declared that he was bringing greetings from the ‘eternal capital’. In reply, Turnbull promised never to support the disgraceful one-sided anti-Israeli resolutions which constantly emanate from that hive of anti-Semitism, the UN. Turnbull’s promise has proved to be of equal value with his solemn guarantee that ‘religious freedom is fundamental and… will be protected’ in the legislation authorising same-sex marriage.

On 30 November, the Turnbull government cravenly registered abstentions to three of six disgraceful UN resolutions.  He should have especially denounced the Jerusalem resolution which implies that Israel denies freedom of religion in that city. The truth is that freedom of religion has only been guaranteed there since Israel was forced to liberate Eastern Jerusalem in 1967. In the two decades of Arab occupation 58 synagogues were destroyed, the Mount of Olives graveyard seriously desecrated and the religious rights of not only Jews but also Christians restricted. In fact, Israel gives her Arab citizens what not one of them enjoy in any Arab governed territory − a vote in truly democratic elections with a full array of human and religious rights. But in harsh language never used even against the Iranian mullahs, this UN resolution insultingly refers to the Temple Mount only by the Islamic term ‘Haram al-Sharif’, and uses the terms ‘occupying power’ and ‘settlements’. This is in a vain attempt to deny the truth: that the Jews are the indigenous people of Israel, there for over three and a half thousand years with their capital, eloquently described in the Christmas carol as ‘David’s Royal City’. In historical terms, Arabs, Muslims and even Christians are late-comers. So how could any government with integrity sit on the fence and abstain?

Israel, with Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) and Jordan were together the subject of a League of Nations mandate for a national home for the Jews. The assumption of the powers, that only the Jews could be relied on to protect the civil and religious rights of all, has turned out to be true.

Most of the land set aside for the Jewish homeland, 77 per cent, was soon  extracted to create an Arab state, Jordan. If that were not enough, the British, exasperated by Arab intransigence, proposed in 1937 with Jewish agreement, to extract a second Arab state.  But as with every other proposal since, this was rejected by the Arab leadership. When an extraordinarily generous proposal was made as recently as 2000, Yasser Arafat did not even make a counter offer. Instead, he unleashed another intifada and 6,000 people died.

Jerusalem was a key part of Trump’s election agenda, an agenda which I have argued here and elsewhere was vastly superior to Hillary Clinton’s. But just as our elites, including the LINOs, were never going to accept the election of an Abbott-led government, so their American counterparts have never accepted Trump’s election. As I argued, the mainstream media calculated that by going soft on Trump, they would ensure he won the Republican preselection and would then be easily defeated by Clinton. That strategy failed; hence their vengeful planning to remove him. But whilst our elites needed only to terrify the self-interested bed-wetters with fake news about such matters as eating a raw onion, winking about a tart and a chivalric honour to bring Abbott down, it is far more difficult to remove an American president.

What is becoming clear is that apart from Obama’s approval of Russia controlling 20 per cent of American uranium, with Russian-front organisations giving $145 million to the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton receiving half a million for a speech, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has found not a scintilla of evidence of any collusion with Russia. But under his extraordinary terms of reference, Mueller is expected to find ground, however spurious, to justify Democrats and RINOs supporting articles of impeachment late in 2018, just after the mid-term elections. A declaration of insanity seems to have been abandoned since someone realised that this would only make Mike Pence president.

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Spectator-enriched 2018

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