2341: Durum, Durum

13 January 2018

9:00 AM

13 January 2018

9:00 AM

The unclued lights (one of two words) are of a kind.


1    Confines at convenience stores (5)
4    Prison visitor, not in Rolls Royce, sadly places eggs for fertilization (9)
11    Over half the train to Dover isn’t broad-gauge (6)
14    Range of school note (5)
15    I left seafood dish for old highwayman (5)
16    German philosopher and literary critic who tends the flock (6)
22    Decide against having completed the crossword, we hear (8)
23    Italian number silly fellows adopted (7)
24    Engagements of heartless Man Utd player (4)
25    Dull Eisteddfod champion returns (4)
27    Dire Straits for Bolshevik opponent (7)
29    One male with handy phone won’t move (8)
32    Forcibly remove unconventional values (6)
34    Epic about parliament (Italian) (5)
35    English author left in pit (5)
36    Provide illumination and have a fag (7, two words)
38    Gent and Monroe cavorting in the Balkans (10)


2    Ornamental orange tree becoming very large with time (5)
3    Row of shops is away from old private apartment (6)
4    Sign of progress where nursing is concerned (7)
6    Setting out food on thin metal cover (7)
7    Deflecting stroke made by Small and Compton (5)
8    Jewish scholar stimulated without English being translated (9)
9    Fielder’s thin dress is an error (4)
13    Family member at piano, with introductions to Mozart’s Adagio (7)
15    It’s a party, so lay back (6)
19    Kept open by the alert, brave investigator (10, two words)
20    Red sign by tailless rats, say (9)
21    Favourite mariner admitted to Davey Jones’s locker (6)
26    Chemical element upset stomach in senior clergyman pre-op (7)
28    Tool for bridge, it seems (7)
30    Warning call around the old city causes such an uproar (6)
31    US lake regularly encountered in Strath More (5)
33    Wise king hasn’t got a moment for law-giver (5)
34    In France, there is the heart of the sail-yard (4, three words)
A first prize of £30 for the first correct solution opened on 29 January. There are two runners-up prizes of £20. (UK solvers can choose to receive the latest edition of the Chambers dictionary instead of cash — ring the word ‘dictionary’.) Entries to: Crossword 2341, The Spectator, 22 Old Queen Street, London SW1H 9HP. Please allow six weeks for prize delivery.

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