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Stop playing gender politics with people’s lives

19 January 2018

8:08 AM

19 January 2018

8:08 AM

Aziz Ansari went on a date. Now, his reputation is ruined. That’s how rapidly the hateful #MeToo flames can take hold.

A 3000-word story was published by website Babe on Saturday that, frankly, was 3000 words too many. In it, a 23-year-old photographer shared her account anonymously and merrily left a trail of destruction blazing behind her. She alleges he pressured her to have sex.

“I cried the whole ride home. At that point I felt violated,” she said saying she felt the experience was sexual assault. At that point? So you felt regret afterwards?

Ansari was forced to issue a statement in an attempt to defend himself. He said he had understood the events to be “completely consensual”.

And then The Guardian drove a van into the debate.

“The poorly reported Aziz Ansari expose was a missed opportunity,” the left-handed journo scribed.

“Missed opportunity”?

What? Stop playing gender politics with people’s lives.

This man’s reputation is trashed. His personal life has been dragged into the spotlight by an angry mob who have no concept of personal accountability.

A 3000-word anonymous account is a “missed opportunity”? So, essentially, The Guardian editors may have polished up the account to morph it into a winning opportunity to push their agenda? Damn that website, Babe.

“It’s a shame,” the buffoon writes.

Question: would you say that if this were happening to your brother?

She writes of “gratifying elements of the #MeToo movement”.

Question: is this a sport to you?

“Men aren’t morons,” she adds.

Comment: how generous.

“And here is where there remains much feminist work to be done,” she continues…

Don’t you think you’ve done more than enough already with your vicious, divisive agenda?

“Women are so strongly socialized to put others’ comfort ahead of our own that even when we are furiously uncomfortable, it feels paralyzing to assert ourselves,” she says.

What a pile of… hogwash. You do not speak for me, or thousands of other women who believe in true equality not your vile, bloody-thirsty hunt.

Be proactive – book some confidence classes.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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