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There are snowflakes – and then there are snowflake’s snowflakes

14 January 2018

4:31 PM

14 January 2018

4:31 PM

When you’re about the begin the final year of study and totting up a daunting debt in fees it’s not encouraging to read this sort of thing about your university:

The University of Canberra [is] … cancelling annual petting zoos on campus.

The university promised students they could “pat puppies and cuddle chickens” during last year’s stress-less weeks — a program designed to calm nerves ahead of exams.

But PETA said it was alarmed when seeing the petting zoos on the list of activities for the fortnight, claiming the event would actually cause stress for the animals involved.

“A university campus is really no place for animals. It’s noisy and boisterous,” PETA spokeswoman Emily Rice said…

“It’s terrifying for [the animals]. In the lead up they’re caged, they’re transported around,” Ms Rice said.

“If you have baby farm animals they’ve obviously been taken away from their parents at some point and put into that situation.”

Fortunately, PETA had suggestions for alternatives that complemented my university’s concerning commitment to imbecility and infantilisation:

Ms Rice wrote to UC suggesting alternative activities, such as jumping castles and three-legged races, and the institution agreed to pull the petting zoos.

It might be time to coin a new phrase for the campus left and their friends and enablers in administration: snowflakes’ snowflakes.

Luke Luckas is the pseudonym of a University of Canberra student.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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