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26 February 2018

6:09 PM

26 February 2018

6:09 PM

The American Conservative’s Rod Dreher is worried about the power of twenty-first century lynch mobs:

Even if you think the NRA deserves what it gets, you ought to be deeply worried about the power of social-media mob action. It’s terrifying how quickly the mob can destroy a person’s livelihood. You might believe that it’s perfectly fine, because finally a technique is having an effect on an evil institution, and bring about justice. But what happens when that mob is turned onto you, and an institution or cause that you support? What happens when you are given no opportunity to defend yourself, but have to face a tsunami of rage? What happens when you can’t count on anybody to defend you, because they rightly fear that the mob will go after them next?

And one paragraph earlier:

If you can think if a single instance in which a social media mob was activated behind a conservative cause, then you’re a better thinker than I am. It is inconceivable to me that big business would break off any relationships with left-wing advocacy groups because a conservative social media mob intimidated them.

Which is precisely why no one on the left is “deeply worried” about the phenomenon and the possibility of tables turning, knowing that their people, organisations and causes will never be successfully targeted and destroyed in the feats of social media rage.

It will only be the conservatives, and well, the conservatives are evil so they deserve everything that’s coming to them, right?

Arthur Chrenkoff blogs at The Daily Chrenk where this piece also appears.

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