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Does anyone in politics do any work?

23 February 2018

2:21 PM

23 February 2018

2:21 PM

Sigh. Another day, more sex scandals in politics to finish off an eye-rollingly unproductive week. What exactly is the brief in Turnbull’s office? Does anyone actually do any work?

Barnaby Joyce swiftly denied a new sexual harassment claim and fired it to his lawyer in a last frenzy of activity before ending a fortnight of talk about anything but politics and falling on his sword this afternoon.

But today it’s also been reported that Caitlin Keage, a senior adviser to Turnbull, has angrily taken to social media to expose sleazy texts from her former partner NSW Minister Matt Kean. Kean is NSW Minister for Innovation; maybe he misunderstood the brief?

The messages are explicit and ask a fellow state Liberal MP Eleni Petinos for sex.

Kean interrupts Petinos playing a board game with her family. He says he is tempted to “drive down to see you”.

“Miss me huh? Lol” she replies.

“Yup. Really need to f*** you,” Kean keenly responds.

Not so keen on his private life being splashed all over social media Mr Kean told The Daily Telegraph, “I am deeply sorry my relationship with Caitlin has ended in such a spectacular and sad fashion. I wish her all the best.”

Petinos did not return calls, while Keage removed the posts.

Who wants to tell her it’s too late now?

Maybe also brief Kean that no taxpayer would describe any of this as “spectacular”. Aren’t these geese supposed to be running the country?

Who even knows what the key issues are right now? All we’ve heard is sexting, scandals and sleaze.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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