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Clementine Ford constructs justice

18 April 2018

4:00 PM

18 April 2018

4:00 PM

If there is no justice like justice through a feminist’s eyes, there is none. Yes, there have been calls for reform following the high profile, nine-week rape case involving two Ulster rugby players – Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding – and two other men. All four men were found not guilty.

The judge who oversaw the case is now involved in discussion with other senior legal figures. There may well be lessons learned from the trial.

But, and it’s a very important but, furious left feminists don’t get to define a man as guilty just because they believe him to be so.

Frenzied feminists don’t get to undermine justice and label someone damned in all courts, simply because they’re used to steering the narrative and having sole control of the gender-biased vehicle of Family Court.

Yet, leader of the foaming mouthed fem-flock, Clementine Ford tweeted, “I wish people would learn Not Guilty verdicts don’t mean Innocent. Not Guilty means a jury of people who live in the same world we do didn’t consider the evidence compelling enough to hand down a Guilty verdict.”

Because, of course, the whole contaminated world is broken.

And, oh how frustrating all people who don’t share her weird worldview are.

She also tweeted, “these men are f***ng rapists”.

For clarification: please refer to the verdict.

Let’s not forget the outspoken Age columnist has been in troubled waters before for breaking a suppression order while the jury was still deliberating Jill Meagher’s murder – and then taking to social media to defend herself.

It remains, at this point, unclear whether Ford believes a judge she has personally interviewed and approved must oversee all such cases, or whether a jury should be established out of aliens who don’t “live in the same world we do”. They, at least, may be free from this wretched patriarchy.

Truth is, feminist perspectives on criminal justice are a warped ideology on a whole different planet. Liberal feminism is a perilous bar of soap.

Feminists may rage, they may attempt to tear a tendentious path to the left through instructions and the legal system, but they do not get to construct multi-coloured wool with which to pull the wool over their sheeples’ eyes. Much as the fem-pack love constructing things, they do not have the authority or sane sanction for that.

Illustration: Twitter.

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