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Mental health: the Gillard effect

30 April 2018

7:53 AM

30 April 2018

7:53 AM

When Julia Gillard beamed as she took over Beyond Blue, collective Aussie jaws hit the floor. Could lefty elites really be so out of touch they believed this to be a good idea? How could someone who steered monumentally damaging Family Court policy have anything to do with mental health? In what way was she qualified for the role?

So many questions… No answers, obviously, because that’s the way the snowball continually rolls to the left.

While many are still shaking their heads to the point of needing medication just to keep blinking, the Gillard effect of fem-folk cashing in on the bleak mental health conversation is in full flurry. Most of us must have missed the plebiscite to decide which side of politics should be voted into the serious business of saving lives. Perhaps we were shaking our heads too wildly to pay attention?

Apparently learning precisely diddly squat from Beyond Blue’s expensive blunder, Lifeline swam enthusiastically into the shark-infested waters.

Last week, Lifeline, which is supposedly focused on saving lives, posted an event set to be held on Tuesday 29 May at The State Library of Victoria, Melbourne (5:30 pm if you’re keen to rock up and voice a view).

“DV Alert and Lifeline present Recognise, Respond, Refer”, the event flyer began. So far, so good, one may assume, “hosted by Tracey Spicer. Join the experts as they discuss the ripple effect of domestic and family violence,” it continued.

With that, Spicer was confirmed to have signed up to the Gillard effect. Another so-called “warrior” contributes their trusty two cent’s worth toward the team ignoring the soaring male suicide rate in pursuit of their own power.

It didn’t end there.

“We will hear from commentators and advocates including Clementine Ford,” the event flyer continued. Correct, Ford was announced as keynote speaker at the event, alongside MC Spicer.

Lifeline: what exactly is your understanding of factors contributing to poor mental health?

Same question to Spicer.

Ditto to Ford.

And to all: seriously, what is to be gained by politicising mental health?

Illustration: BBC Television/YouTube.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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