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Their ABC “the most trusted news source”? Here’s a theory

6 July 2018

4:12 PM

6 July 2018

4:12 PM

It was Abraham Lincoln who said, ‘You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time.’ And that’s about how long it takes for the ABC to become Australia’s most trusted news source.

Lincoln’s comment came to mind the other morning when I turned on Your ABC. Even after 160 odd years, it explains that poll perfectly. It probably also explains why the polls supported same-sex marriage, but that is another matter. The reason is, of course, almost self-evident. Most people trust that government organisations will not deliver services in a partisan fashion. But then, wasn’t Pravda voted by the people of the Soviet Union as the most trusted Soviet news source in seventy-five consecutive annual surveys?

But, is the question: Is Your ABC Australians’ most trusted news source a valid question? Doesn’t it beg the question: How would Australians know if Your ABC’s news was true or trustworthy? The truth is, they wouldn’t. It’s just that the ABC says ‘occupied territories’ with so much authority, it just seems so right — even though it is wrong.

This problem came to mind when I was listening to ABC News Radio for its sports report on Wimbledon tennis. Now that is a most trusted news source, and you can cross check the results if you like. But before the presenter surrendered the microphone to a man, she ran an interview with an American journalist at The Hill because Scott Pruitt the head of the US Environmental Protection Agency had resigned.

Now Pruitt has been a scalp waiting to be hung from the left’s totem ever since his appointment when he expressed reservations about their favourite topic, global warming. The Hill, on the other hand, has a well-deserved reputation in the USA as a left wing, Democrat-supporting mouthpiece and global warming was a religious moment in Obama’s presidency. Mind you, had Iran got the bomb, which would have under Obama’s agreement, there would have been some significant global warming in the middle east.

Anyway, you can imagine the payback that poor old Scott received from that assistant editor (journalist) at The Hill. Scott, it seems resigned because of the abuse that he and his family were getting from the left. Buried inside The Hill article was a reference to a report from another source that is very close to Your ABC’s heart, CNN.

Your ABC regularly sources material from CNN, even though CNN is reported to be the lowest rating cable news network in the States. But then it does have a reputation for fake news and perhaps you can’t charge as much for fake news as you can for the real stuff. But now we know the identities of two exclusive left wing Democrat sources Your ABC use its fake news reports on American politics.

Your ABC has other sources, however. It also draws upon the resources of the overseas sisterhood of left-wing public broadcasters like the United States public radio, NPR, the BBC and German public radio, Deutsche Welle (Achtung!). All of these public broadcasters have a particularly left-wing view of the world including the Middle East. This is just as well since Your ABC seems to have lost some of its own sources.

Until only recently, if Your ABC thought you needed to know something about the middle east, it went straight to its woman on the spot, Sophie McNeil. Unfortunately, Your Sophie McNeill came in for some pretty severe criticism a day or two ago from Honest Reporting accusing her of selectively editing a piece that she wanted Your ABC to use on us. Did they use it? The ABC isn’t saying. But Your Sophie has previous as reported here in The Spectator Australia, in April 2017. All we know is that she has been deployed elsewhere within the four corners of Your organisation.

But, what are those ‘occupied territories’ to which Your ABC news reports refer? Do they exist? How could they when the Middle East was only ever lawfully occupied by the Ottomans prior to their defeat in WWI. (Don’t ask where their authority came from) The Arabs had no better claim as against the Jews after WW1 so the League of Nations granted part of the Ottomans’ lands to a Jewish State of Israel, far more than it currently holds is still good.

Up until a few years ago, Your ABC enlisted the opinion of the discredited UNHCR special rapporteur and expert Israel-basher, Richard Falk when it wanted a biased opinion about anything middle east, but, particularly, those ‘occupied territories’. Richard’s expertise seemed to evaporate after he was caught releasing his own share of false news. Your ABC still holds tightly to the idea of ‘occupied territories.’

Personally, I have given up on all ABC programs other than 7:30 Report. The moment I saw Leigh Sales run to Paul McCartney’s arms and proffer her cheek, I knew that was at least one show that I could trust. The evidence was in the kiss (cue music: Faith Hill, This Kiss).

Illustration: ABC publicity.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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