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Time to call out misandry in the media

13 July 2018

7:43 AM

13 July 2018

7:43 AM

To believe that misandry is any better than misogyny is to have no concept of equality. So, who wants to tell the mainstream media they’re heading in the wrong direction?

Misandry is a contempt or prejudice against men. You don’t have to look very far to see it; hating men is rife in MSM. Men are blatantly blamed for the entire world’s wrongs on a daily basis. Apparently, left-wing think tanks have successfully preached that it’s acceptable to gloat about male tears and killing men.

It’s not.

Equality does not mean lifting women up by pushing men down. It is possible to elevate women, promote their wellbeing, success and opportunity without belittling men in the process. That is called equality.

The easiest and fastest way to spot all headlines and reports in the media which are riddled with misandry is to ask yourself if it would be sexist if the genders were reversed.

If you believe eliminating sexism means elevating one gender while crushing the other, you’ve missed the point – or possibly listened to too many preaching loony left-wing think tanks.

Some battles aren’t about left versus right. This is one of those.

It is absolutely illogical that at a time when everyone is being told to eat diversity for breakfast, lunch and dinner, hateful sexism directed at anyone is being celebrated.

If we truly want equality we are all united in that fight. No person is more important than the next and we should not see or make judgements based on gender any more than we would race.

The time to start calling out all misandry in the media is now.

Hating on men is not okay.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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