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Clementine Ford and the illogical excuse of misogyny

15 August 2018

7:53 AM

15 August 2018

7:53 AM

We may have all come to expect crazed fury and blatant bias from far left exhibitionist feminist activist Clementine Ford but her latest piece for The Age underlines precisely why Fairfax days are numbered. Her angry words are frantically strung together and lividly tied with a rope intended for Andrew Bolt’s neck.

Bolt highlighted vile abuse that has been fired at Aboriginal activist, Alice Springs Councillor and Country-Liberal Party candidate Jacinta Price. He asked where prominent feminists were speaking out in her defence – and boy oh boy, that did not go down well.

“Newsflash, Bolt – women like me do oppose this language and behaviour,” she writes. “But when we speak out against it, we are met with mockery or distain from people like you. How convenient that you demand we act in service to you when it suits.” At this point reader(s) may be forgiven for believing they are reading the boiling cesspit that is Twitter and not an actual publication… with advertisers.

Ford continues, “It comes as zero surprise to learn – again – that there are just as many men on the left as there are [on – which is omitted, clearly because fingers on the keyboard are trembling in anger and misfire] the right who use hateful language about and towards women. This is because the problem doesn’t stem from a political divide but from misogyny. You know, just like we’ve been saying for years even as it nets us ever more misogynistic abuse [that may have been intended to read ‘even’ but once again, refer to furious fingers].

Ford then rants about misogyny with venom that can only be described as illogical. Clearly, the red mist of rage is not conducive to clear thinking. This is the problem with activists trying to be journalists; all balance, reason and logic flies out of the window because, ideology.

A few calm questions, if you will:

If Ford blames misogyny for “aggressive, violent and degrading language that men use to express their hatred towards women,” what is her excuse for doing the same in reverse?

If Ford blames misogyny for “sexist” views she disagrees with, how does she explain her rampant misandry which is equally sexist?

If Ford blames misogyny for “directing the frothing vitriol” of followers to her social media, what is her excuse when she does exactly that? The many people she delights in doxing would love to hear an answer.

If Ford blames misogyny for hounding “women on social media with all the enthusiasm of a rabid dog”, what is her excuse for mirroring said dog?

If Ford blames misogyny for “fostering an attitude towards women that allows this abuse to proliferate” she has, actually, missed the point of human life, connection and equality. Why? Because equality confirms that it is no better to foster an attitude towards men that allows abuse to proliferate than women. And that, Ms Ford, underlines that the logical problem in such heated debate is not misogyny but respect. Look it up.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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