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Dear Dan, equality does not mean discrimination

31 August 2018

1:18 PM

31 August 2018

1:18 PM

If you’d like a glimpse into what Australia would look like under Bill Shorten, take a look at Daniel Andrew’s Victoria. There have been suggestions the state should have a wall built around it to attempt to withhold the heinous virtue signalling pox.

Misandry is in full swing in the land of pox.

On Thursday the Andrews Labor Government proudly announced a partnership with Our Watch to “improve media reporting on family violence and violence against women as part of its work to change harmful and sexist attitudes.”

All it takes is a swift glimpse at news headlines to see the problem with this narrative.

On Thursday police arrested a man and woman in relation to a 2013 sexual assault case. A woman in Ohio was found guilty of murder after shooting her boyfriend in the face. A female reveller was brutally beaten by another woman in London. There are fears for a missing six-year-old boy who was unlawfully snatched by his mother despite his father having full custody. A mother took the life of her own nine-year-old child and then her own.

I could go on but the point is clear; women are not angels.

Lived experience of breathing human beings confirms that there are good men and bad men, good women and bad women.

And yet, the domestic violence industry will not recognise the truth, nor let go of funding.

Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence Natalie Hutchins announced a grant of $425,000 to Our Watch to deliver on this “new media reporting program”. This is actually, $425,000 of taxpayer’s money to ensure that the gendered narrative is continually blasted out to brainwash the community.

The media release stated, “Stories that paint perpetrators as ‘good blokes’ or scrutinise a victim’s sexual history perpetuate a culture of disrespect and inequality.”

How about not recognising or reporting that violence committed against men by women is domestic violence at all? If you’re going to preach about respect and equality at least be consistent.

Hutchins said in the statement, “Language focused on equality and respect for all can change the culture that leads to violence against women.”

How can a focus on “respect for all” focus only on some?

How can a focus on changing “the culture” ignore all of the news headlines that we all witnesses on a daily basis?


It is time politicians stood up to this gender bias.

Equality for all does not mean discrimination.

Misandry is not progress.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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