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Time to put free speech in the Constitution

13 August 2018

3:00 PM

13 August 2018

3:00 PM

I want your help. I want your help to give we the people the most important power there is, one that is actually missing from our nation’s Constitution. That power that I want vested in our Constitution is called freedom of speech and I need your help to bring the demand for that power into the public arena. I am sure that you have noticed that our left-wing Prime Minister is very good at ignoring suggestions even constructive ones that he hasn’t thought of himself.

Being left wing, he is, like Their ABC, deaf to truly conservative arguments that support liberal democracy, preferring left-wing liberal relationships and the cultural practices of obscure African tribes to the natural family and its conservative roots in human nature. Freedom of speech, as a constitutional liberty is anathema to our left-wing Prime Minister who would first seal it like Napoleon’s corpse in a multilayer, lead-lined sarcophagus and disappear it to the very depths of the Canberra swamp.

In fact, it is anathema to the Australian left who during the past generation have abandoned the Australian working class whose roots still lie within the family to nest symbiotically with an underclass of academics in a Greens chlorophyll canopy that, being rootless, it must suck sustenance from the immature and uneducated with whom it surreptitiously comes into contact.

Notice how the left has even taken its ideological bigotry into the schools with subjects and courses that are designed to surreptitiously refute the common sense building blocks of children’s knowledge; courses whose substance is a left-wing sociological pathology. In order to protect the influence these people enjoy, sympathetic governments deny the counter-arguments any standing to criticise and prevent parents from removing the influence of the perverse studies on their children.

Freedom of speech is, without doubt, the single most important means that conservative-minded people have of protecting the institutions on which liberal democratic life stands or falls.  It is no longer sufficient to rely on the ancient freedoms of the common law. One has only to look at the tentative way in which the High Court searched for and found only a limited freedom of political speech. That freedom was so limited that it did not protect Roman Catholic Archbishop Julian Porteous in Tasmania from the chilling effect of a lawsuit when he spoke out in support of the natural family.

It is absolutely critical if the conservative principles of liberal democracy are to be protected, that freedom of speech both at the Commonwealth and at the State level, be protected in the Constitution where it will apply for the advantage of all, saint as well as sinner, ABC (cue music, Faith HillThis Kiss) as well as Fox. What has accelerated the left’s enthusiasm for censorship is that the internet has liberated speech from their control in the media and made it possible for independent voices to be heard, to tell the truth, to produce arguments that show why and how bigotry can be confronted. The left’s control of the media, the fake news it has propagated, has become, like the King’s new clothes, something at which more astute observers can point and laugh.

In the US, the internet has had such an effect on political speech that the left have sought to have conservative and right-wing voices silenced by the big tech companies with Apple, Facebook and Google already acting to exclude one. So morally superior is the left in the US, that they even attack one of their own when they don’t ban they don’t respond to the left’s pleadings. What dogs any Australian attempt at such commentary is the defamation laws of each state.

Despite this, the very real fear that Commonwealth and State politicians have of freedom of speech is a concern that their undeserved reputations might be injured by fair criticism. For the rest of us, those fears are groundless. In the US, which constitutionally protects freedom of speech, the Supreme Court has said that the freedom is not absolute and is subject to many limitations, including incitement to violence, obscenity, child pornography, falsehood and speeches that breach copyright just to mention a few. It would be the work of our High Court to measure those limits consistently with liberal democratic life.

But without your assistance and your agitation, your multitudinous letters to federal members and ministers seeking a constitutional amendment and not taking “no” for an answer, it will not happen. Unless we get that amendment, we will continue to be fed only the news, the opinions and the ideologies that the main players, the left wing players in this country think we should receive; that or silence.

Don’t be afraid of the power of free speech. That is the power that the left has tried try to deny us. Yet, it is the natural way the superior way by which we determine the best way of living together, the way that is naturally right for us.

Illustration: Parliament of Australia.

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