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Dutton falls foul of the fembots

5 September 2018

7:48 AM

5 September 2018

7:48 AM

For a mob obsessed with complaining they don’t want to do all the housework feminists are strangely fixated on packing. Whenever any politician speaks they get busy “unpacking”.

Yesterday, it was Peter Dutton’s turn to have his words “unpacked”.

Dutton was asked to respond to accusations he’s misled the parliament about any connection between him and the potential employers of the visa cases of au pairs.

“My wife works, but I can tell you she’s a great wife and a great mother,” he said. “We never had an au pair, she never asked for one. We have never been in a situation to employ an au pair and made an active decision not to.”

Some may take these as straightforward statements of facts. Not so the busy worker bees that have decided to “unpack”.

Apparentl,y his comments are “patronising” and “judgemental”. They carry a “subtext that women need to ‘ask’ for au pairs but only if they’re struggling at being a ‘wife’ or a ‘mother’, or are not all that ‘great’ at either or both roles.”

The ABC’s Annabel Crabb tweeted, “I really feel like ‘and’ would have been a better word to use here.”

Another fembot tweeted, “I cannot begin to unpack the thousand shades of wrong in these two sentences…”

Suggestion: if they spent less time policing language they might actually get to the core pressing issues this country needs to deal with. And if they spent less time unpacking maybe they’d have more time to prepare dinner or finish up the housework.

These language police won’t be happy until all white men are banned from Canberra and parliament is filled with limp lettuce leaf lefties who stick to the approved script.

If we’ve learned one thing from this attempt to boot Dutton it’s that Labor and the Greens might as well be one party.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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