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King should succeed the republican in Wentworth

11 September 2018

7:32 AM

11 September 2018

7:32 AM

Are the powerbrokers and lobbyists who run the NSW Liberal Party like the Bourbons? Have they learned nothing, and forgotten nothing?

Are they about to do in Wentworth what they have just done in Wagga Wagga?

Many Wentworth voters will have just shredded a whingeing three-page letter from Malcolm Turnbull who, by petulantly resigning from parliament, has abandoned not only the electorate but also the Liberal Party and the government.

This is after all the government to which he had, by squandering Tony Abbott’s landslide, bequeathed a one-seat majority. And that was attained only because of the extreme unpopularity of the Victorian Labor government who were at that time trying to unionise the state’s volunteer firefighters as well as the tenacity of the Nationals.

Malcolm Turnbull only resigned from parliament on 31 August, yet the preselection for the Liberal candidate is being rushed through for this Thursday, 13 September.


Is it to present the taken-for-granted Wentworth voters with a fait accompli concocted by the powerbroker-lobbyist class who govern this state? Is the endorsed Liberal candidate to be yet another LINO, a Liberal In Name Only, who would be just as much at home in the Labor Party?

The rank and file members of the Liberal Party, the ones who are expected to raise the money and turn up at the polling stations are completely disenfranchised.

This will be a head office preselection from candidates most of whom the voters of Wentworth have never heard of, supporting the same tired policies maintained by the former member, policies which have little attraction in the electorate.

There are two exceptions, candidates closely involved and well known in the electorate, Mary-Lou Jarvis and the former member, Peter King.

Peter King is the only candidate so far to reach out to the rank-and-file, the base and the voters. In fact, he has done something unusual, indeed daring, in today’s monochrome Liberal Party.

He is campaigning on policy.

Since he was the victim of the mother of all branch stacks in 2004, King has been practising law and has become the hero of several of the victims of big government and the big banks, the mum-and-dad farmers who are a particular target the elites.

Where a farmer has had his land taken away from him to be a ‘carbon sink’ by being made useless to satisfy the religion of global warming, or where a farmer, who has always paid the interest and principal on his mortgage, but who finds his bank callously forecloses on his farm because the value has fallen due to the drought, Peter King has been their advocate, often with little hope of being paid or on a pro bono basis.

A former NSW president of the Liberal Party and a founder of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy, Peter King has opened a formidable campaign with a launch and meetings in the electorate.

He hasn’t done what most politicians do, put out a brochure filled with photographs of himself pretending to use public transport or visiting schools and filled with praise from politicians and celebrities.

His is a program of the 21 steps he proposes to build a better and stronger Australia.

In this, he concentrates on national security, cheap energy, water security and housing affordability, especially for the young.

He calls for an end to the subsidies for foreign wind farms that have made our electricity among the most expensive in the world. He wants the debt repaid, regulation reduced and an end to government support for the sinister culture of mandatory political correctness.

He believes the rate of immigration should be consistent with the capacity of our infrastructure to cope with this, and that education should return to the basics of maths, science and English.

This is the election programme which people are crying out for, one which would distinguish the Coalition from Labor.

For too long the NSW Liberal Party has been subject to the sinister control of the powerbrokers and lobbyists, resulting in a parliamentary party excessively inhabited by self-interested LINOs.

King calls for more democratisation in the Party, and for an end to rules that are used to gag the freedom of speech of members.

It’s time Wentworth was represented by a politician who speaks the language of the people and answers their aspirations.  Peter King is such a representative.

And until the rank-and-file, the party base and the voters can judge and even see what other Liberal candidates propose as their policies, he remains the preferred bearer of the Liberal mantle.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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