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Red shoes, chat groups and #MeToo blinkers

19 September 2018

7:23 AM

19 September 2018

7:23 AM

Apparently at some point while many of us were expecting politicians to be running the country they were busying themselves in a WhatsApp chat group.

On Monday The Australian revealed a conversation among female Coalition MPs, which was open to women only.

When we foolishly thought they were representing their electorates and pouring over policy they were, in fact, sending clapping hand emojis, red boxing gloves and red shoe emojis. Apparently, they aren’t grown women at all; they are twelve years old.

If Liberal has a women problem it appears to be that they’ve selected children.

Why in god’s name are these women sending emojis to each other? And, perhaps the even bigger question: why in holy hell is there a women-only chat group? Can you imagine the furore if there were a men-only WhatsApp group?

If Liberal women appear to be divided perhaps the distinction should be drawn around those who are perfectly happy battling their own way without quotas, shunning WhatsApp chat groups and not relying on the red-heeled sisterhood for a free lunch?

This petty, immature, ridiculously embarrassing gender war is not what politics is all about.

Last Wednesday Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins presented the findings of the fourth national survey on sexual harassment in Australia to the National Press Club. It was an indulgent survey produced at public expense.

Before she’d even finished speaking the media reported on the findings and, surprise surprise, the fearmongering began.

Leftist saturated media reported workplace sexual harassment is “widespread”, “pervasive” and on the rise. It was portrayed as a dark, sinister and rampant evil creeping through businesses and institutions across the country.

Heaven forbid there is increased awareness and a hugely shunted perception of what actually constitutes sexual harassment.

Jenkins speech, predictably, referred to the #MeToo movement and there were frequent references to feminist theory around abuse of power.

And yet, the survey found that in the last 12 months 23 per cent of women and 16 per cent of men had experienced sexual harassment at work. In the last five years, 39 per cent of women and 26 per cent of men were found to have experienced sexual harassment at work.

Surely, even by warped gender politics standards none of this indicates that this is a women’s issue? However, everyone was too #MeToo blinkered to notice.

Where did this pack of insipid feeble fems come from? There are strong women in Australia who want nothing to do with this time wasting, gender bickering – perhaps the real woman problem is that the chat group children should step aside?

Illustration: Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer.

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