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Trump Derangement Syndrome and the end of the West

6 September 2018

4:32 PM

6 September 2018

4:32 PM

If we assume for the moment that the zenith of Western Civilisation since at least the fourth century BC has been the rise of liberal democracies epitomised by nations such as the United States and Great Britain, it is not an exaggeration to suggest that we may be witnessing the beginning of its end.

The key to understanding democracy’s rise in the West is its emergence in the United States of America in 1776.  Democracy did not begin to put forth its tender shoots in the UK until more than 60 years after the United States War of Independence and was not completed there until the reign of King George V. The democracy hoped for in France with the French Revolution in 1789 died at birth with the Reign of Terror.

In the twentieth century, Western Civ was alive and well in the USA for if it had not been for the United States, Europe and almost all Western nations would have been enslaved to the ambition of an absolute German monarch in World War 1 and to the most monstrous tyrant in World War II. But the USA could not lay down its heavy blood-soaked burden even after it had defeated the Soviet Union and held Communist China in check.

What we are now witnessing in the United States, however, is a nation questioning its own principles, for those principles are coeval with Western Civilisation. The questions concern the bitter fight between a Republican President and his left wing and Democrat opponents. It is, in fact, a civil war about the meaning of the US Constitution, now more peaceful but little different from the US Civil War that began in 1861 when the Southern States ruled by the Democrat Party seceded from the Union after the election of Abraham Lincoln.

Why, however, are so many on the left so angry with President Trump? He has, after all, ticked all the working class boxes with resurgent economic growth and rising wages and historically low unemployment.

Well, there are a number of reasons. The first is that he won and in that he proved that Hillary’s “I am woman, born to rule,” was so much Clinton BS, just another lie. Second, he embarrassed her by publicising her criminality during her time as Secretary of State – lying to Congress under oath; sending classified material by private emails and deleting same, to name just a few.

Then there was Trump’s victory, which threatened those in the Department of Justice and FBI who had shielded Hillary from prosecution.  Third, by winning Trump, disappointed the expectations of all those people who were either in the administration or were attached to Hillary’s team and who expected to be included on the gravy train with her.

But, there is a unifying theme as well. You will recall that the first resistance to Trump’s Presidency came from a march by left-wing lunatic women (AKA LWLW). Some of the same LWLW have become Democrat candidates for the midterms while others campaign loudly against the confirmation of Brett Kavanagh to the Supreme Court. The reason for their opposition is Trump’s assertion that he was pro-life and anti-abortion; and their suspicion that Judge Brett Kavanagh is also. Abortion has unified the left behind the Democrats just has it has unified the Australian left behind the Australian Labor Party.

It is always difficult to completely understand the politic forces of a nation from a great distance. However, even from this distance, it is clear that if the Democrats and their supporters in the media and the Hollywood elite are successful in impeaching Trump, it will probably spell the end of government of the people for the people and by the people. I say that in deadly earnest because while the Democrats and their ideological friends continue to manufacture outrageous charges against him they are threatening that Lincolnian principle by which the people express their opinions of what is important. Hillary no more supports the people than she did the law. She just wants to get her own way. The other girls just wanna have fun.

It will not matter whether a President has the support of the people, however that support is counted. That great principle, the ballot of the people, by which governments could be changed without the resort to bullets, will have been destroyed; perhaps not completely, but so wounded that some vaporous tyrant will then put it out of its misery.

Once the democratic principle on which the United States rests is replaced by the baying hounds of a left-wing mob, it will lose the will to stand up against the European and Asian tyrants who even now are circling and it will be just a matter of time before Western Civ is no more. Where then will it leave lil ole Australia? Exactly where we are – held loosely, but lovingly, in the soft, cuddly paws of the Chinese Panda.

No matter what your views of Donald Trump, y’all should be hoping he is still President after the midterms in November.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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