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Forget global warming, here’s some really spooky science

29 October 2018

4:26 PM

29 October 2018

4:26 PM

Newton’s Third Law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This (along with his First and Second Laws) brought scientific understanding of mechanical forces controlling the physical world out of the grip of superstitions by the eighteenth century. This is a centuries-old battle of reason against religion that relies upon the verifiable proof of science and data to hold sway over long-held tenets of faith.

But what if we can’t trust the science that we are fed via media, scientific publications and research bodies? What if ‘Science for Sale’ means the commercial promotion of popularly selected hypotheses that close down or silence contrary research effort and outcomes? What if a globally promoted movement turns scientific hypotheses into quasi-religious dogma? What if there is an opposite scientific reaction to the current widespread acceptance that our planet is warming that we are not able to read or hear about because mainstream media, many university research departments and many scientific publications are now sponsored to spread what has become an uncontested common cant that our planet is facing devastating warming? To wit (if wits are involved) – that the craven fear and belief in the catastrophism of climate warming now has an opposite reaction that we don’t know about.

This reaction is not equal in its dissemination. You may need to attend forums such as the recent Liberty Fest in Brisbane where ProfessorPeter Ridd explained that, as the designer of the instrument used to measure sedimentation on reef systems, he could prove that no land-use based sedimentation was affecting The Great Barrier Reef. You may not have heard contrary research arguments to Global Warming in the media or from madrasa-imitating James Cook University, UWA et al but you may hear/read this if you buy scientific books, dig deep into research papers that don’t see publication or attend scientific symposia not supported or promoted by similar so-called universities.

You might hear of a new reactionary body of scientists and thinkers called SISS – Scepticism Is Science Society. The collective term not being SISSIES but Sisyphus’s after the Greek legend of Sisyphus – the very clever founder and first king of Corinth who could trick the gods but was then punished by being made to end his days rolling a rock uphill only to have Newton’s Law of Gravity roll it back down – over and over again. The oath of this secret society is the question behind all science and all scepticism “Why is this So?”, reiterating Professor Sumner Miller who encouraged those studying science at school, in the sixties and seventies, to keep questioning in order to keep learning.

That was then. Now, opposing research and ideas aren’t given laboratory space, air or print space in MSM or in the raft of scientific magazines controlled by just five publishing houses. Or space on the increasingly manipulated internet (Google just loves left wing media).

Few media outlets, few science teachers/lecturers/researchers are asking public questions about the validity of what, in some instances, has been proven to be un-replicable data and/or geographically selective data. This ‘data’ is then applied to extrapolations that compound the error and ultimately underwrite the new global, mega-industry business of ‘renewables’ that underwrites the demonising of CO² and ultimately forces financial fraud onto governments and economic collapse onto industry.

That loss of the scientific, sceptical remove is scary because it takes us all back to belief systems that prophesise fear and doom in order to get followers. In the press, we now have reports that political parties are looking to frame their policies on energy in order to capture young voters, fresh from proselytizing climate warming classrooms and lecture halls. All together now “Onward climate soldiers marching as to war…”

But where does this leave efficiency of production in industrial economies? For thousands of years, the cost to humanity of building non-productive structures such as temples, churches, pagodas, mosques or wind farms to appease the heavens brought poverty and misery to all but the rich and in control. Now, the new prophets of media, tertiary institutions and commercial interests have partnered with the IPCC machine to drive governments to pledge unheard of spending onto their citizens’ livelihoods. “Give me that old time religion…”

When science is manipulated the fear/risk is that we miss some crucial information or knowledge. As cinemas open to a whole new season of dystopian Hollywood movies aimed to scare the very young into irrational fear there is a very real fear being unreported. That is that the demon CO² atmospheric levels look to be dropping from the current one molecule per six million other atmospheric molecules to 1:7 by 2030, possibly on a compounding trajectory to 1:9 by the IPCC target date of 2050. The shutting down of carbon-based fossil power has been successful! Rejoice all ye faithful! The replacement of ruminant bovine and ovine based foods, tools, pharmacopoeia, fertiliser and fabrics has been a success! More of the global population are naked, vegetarian and dietary-supplement consumers. Rejoice the food supplementation industries! Rejoice ye all for shutting down satanic fossil fuel use that supported up to 80 per cent of the industries that have spread economic wealth to ye all!

But we humans need something to fear. So, fear not. The next Ice Age (there have been at least five) is on its slow, unpredictable way and it will wreak havoc on life as we know it.

Without researched and reported scientific scepticism we become believers in the unbelievable. So, if an Ice Age Cometh (in geological terms one is coming due to convergent forces of the Earth’s tilt, the slowing solar activity, the reversing of the Magnetic Pole and the upheavals of the Earth’s mantle), it could be as short as the last Little Ice Age of some 400 years finishing in the 1870s (which climate warmists use, disingenuously, as a baseline to confirm current ‘Warming’) or the last big one that lasted over 60,000 years finishing some 11,000 years ago.

So we need to pause and think what an un-warmed, iced over planet will do to us naked apes. Rain will become ice, fresh and salt water will become ice so the planet will dry and ocean levels will drop exposing reefs and ephemeral islands. Blizzards and snow will turn the days dark and short (The Dark Ages during the Little Ice Age where ‘dark’). Plants without CO² will die. The temperate grasslands that support us will vanish under ice and snow. Solar energy plants will be useless and ice build-up on windmill blades will bring them to a halt. Shoreline waves will freeze as will hydro waterfalls. We will seek out logs to burn and animal pelts to wear. We will be very cold and starving. We will sicken and by having to live together in shelters for warmth we will spread diseases that will kill us.

Then we may remember the abandoned coal stations, oil and gas wells and try to restart them hoping some amongst us can remember how. Then we will unite in demonising The Paris Agreement, the IPCC and all those Climate soldiers that have told us that they had ‘The Truth’ which we will realise was what they had been taught – not what they had discovered or question.

How is that for a future to fear?

Illustration: Hammer Films.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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