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Media mafia and mob rule

20 October 2018

9:00 AM

20 October 2018

9:00 AM

Most right-thinking people, of all political persuasions and of none, will have breathed a sigh of relief when they heard that the US Senate had finally approved the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

The outcome confirmed that the most powerful parliamentary democracy on earth was not going to allow two key principles on which it was founded, the presumption of innocence and procedural fairness, to be overturned by the forces of anarchy and mob rule.  But it was a damn close run thing, and I don’t mean just the 50-48 margin.

Anyone who watched the earlier Senate Judiciary Committee hearings can be in no doubt that, despite their hot denials, the Democrats did their best to turn the ‘advise and consent’ process into a showtrial with Judge Kavanaugh firmly in the dock. Evidence is mounting that they manipulated his accuser, Dr Blasey Ford, for their own party-political interests and that they regarded her as their own personal weapon with which to shoot down this Donald Trump nominee. There were ten Democrats on the committee; most were experienced court-room lawyers. Yet not one had sufficient curiosity, or objectivity, to ask Ford about any of the many discrepancies in her testimony against Kavanaugh. Instead they all used the bulk of their allotted question time to congratulate her for coming forward and to praise her for her courage and bravery. They demonstrated a total lack of concern as to whether her testimony was true or false. What they were so obviously concerned with was to prevent a Republican nominee, any nominee, from making it onto the Supreme Court bench. The witches of Salem got a fairer hearing than Kavanaugh got from these Democrat senators.

But they were only the elite Household Cavalry of a far wider alliance of left-wing controlled media, university campuses that have cravenly abandoned logic and reason, the usual self-righteous publicity-seekers from the Hollywood and wider entertainment industries, plus all the many groups of foot soldiers whose opinions are clearly formed by self-restricting their access to information to the diet of Trump-hate that is spewed over them by the media mafia and then regurgitated 24/7 by media both social and anti-social.

Democrat politicians such as Maxine Waters stoked the fires by calling on supporters to harass anyone connected with the Trump administration whether they be in a restaurant, a department store, a gas station or anywhere else. Is it any wonder that this incitement to violence has led to incidents such as White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and her family being asked to leave one restaurant, Republican Senator Ted Cruz and his wife being hounded out of another by an angry mob, the wives and families of other prominent Republicans receiving death threats at their homes, plus of course the earlier attack by a lone shooter on congressmen and police at a practice session for the congressional baseball game for charity.

Then the anti-Kavanaugh protesters gave us a fascinating insight into the extent to which they had abandoned reason with their two principal banners which read ‘Believe women’ and ‘We believe survivors’. The message from the first is that we should all uncritically believe women because of their gender. It’s also implied that whenever faced with a choice between a man’s and a woman’s version of events it’s always the man who must be lying. According to Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) in such cases all men should ‘just shut-up’. Well that takes care of 800 years of jurisprudence, doesn’t it! The message from the second is that any ‘survivor’ must be believed, but in this context the meaning of ‘survivor’ is clearly restricted to a female who survives assault by a male. But isn’t (now Justice) Kavanaugh equally a ‘survivor’ after the ordeal he and his family have been put through by his accusers and everyone else on the left of politics? Accusations with no corroboration that by general agreement from all sides of the US legal profession would never warrant the commencement of any prosecution. And as a ‘survivor’ why would the carriers of such protest banners not believe him? The answer can only be that they are politically motivated.

But hate-Trump propaganda endlessly churned out by the mainstream media is by no means restricted to the USA. If you relied on ABC News to inform your opinions on these events you would have a very distorted view indeed. It’s not so much that they actually give wrong information, it’s the constant sneering and disparaging manner, along with the sly spin imparted, in which information is presented. To take just one day, on 7 October their headline read ‘Brett Kavanaugh sworn in as US Senate approves Supreme Court nomination despite sexual misconduct allegations’, followed by one of their favourite headings, ‘Donald Trump’s America’.  The first ‘Key point’ that followed was that ‘Three women made allegations of sexual misconduct’ against him. They later said ‘He has denied all the allegations’ but did not mention the fact that no-one even on the Left gave the slightest credence to the claims of the second and third women, the latter of whom would have us believe that she attended at least 10 consecutive parties where Kavanaugh had routinely drugged young women and sexually assaulted them without a single word of such serious multiple criminal offences ever emerging, or that the story of the first was so full of holes that it made a colander look seaworthy.

Having seen how the US media mafia has used the principles of Dr Joseph Goebbels to stoke-up anti-Trump hysteria and to unleash the terrifying power of mob rule, we don’t want to see the same thing happen here in Australia. Already we’ve witnessed too many examples of left-wing mobs closing down public meetings that were to be addressed by speakers of conservative or merely liberal views. It is time for we the taxpayers to say to our publicly-funded national broadcaster that we will no longer tolerate your endemic left-wing political bias.  Either employ staff in something close to the ratio that their political views bear to that of the nation, and produce programs that are politically impartial, or we will  demand of our parliamentary representatives that ABC News and Current Affairs be defunded.

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