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Mocking white males will never win respect

24 October 2018

7:43 AM

24 October 2018

7:43 AM

The Clementine Ford effect appears to be highly contagious. We are now living in a society where the supposed underdogs are rabidly on the attack. It started with the hashtag ‘Kill All Men’ and has now infested formerly centrist MSM. Websites targeting younger female readers are using anti-male hatred as their dominant tone.

Mocking white males has become the new black. And it’s become the go-to punchline for prose.

Take, for instance, a bizarre at best, foul at worst piece published in The Toronto Star entitled, “I’m a woman who imitated the swagger of an entitled white male – and it got results”.


“Imitating white male swagger can help women understand its durable power and sway. I know, because I tried it,” writes the author.

Pieces such as this have become so commonplace, so accepted and acceptable that this one perhaps wouldn’t have stood out if it weren’t written by an associate professor at the University of Toronto, Judith Taylor.

She merrily bangs on about “gendered behaviours” as she provides commentary on the figure of Coach Eric Taylor in Friday Night Lights. She describes him as “a handsome, mostly angry, but putatively good-hearted leader.”

She continues, “Coach Taylor and I could not be more different. He is short-tempered, unilateral man of few words, who doesn’t believe anyone deserves an explanation. As a professor, I explain my decisions, gradin, data and assigned readings to a fault. In seminars, I ensure each student is heard, and has a full chance to participate and be part of the scholarly conversation…”

Through rambling paragraphs, the overriding premise is that she is excellent and all men are crap, thanks to “gendered behaviours”.

The problem with this deafening mocking narrative is this: it is hateful. It is not inclusive. Crucially, in its desperate attempt to be funny it forgets that it’s no better to mock masculinity than to mock femininity.

It is not more acceptable to clap with glee while critiquing male behaviour than bullying women.

It is not more attractive to display such an ignorant lack of understanding of true equality.

If we’re all supposed to be dismantling gender stereotypes, it is neither amusing nor acceptable to trash traditional masculinity to build women’s strength.

“Adopting white male southern swagger was pretty darn effective for getting my way,” she writes.

Take a moment to imagine the reaction to that sentence if genders were reversed.

If what you have learnt from the absolutely draining Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh drama is that white men should be mocked, you have missed the point of the social study.

She continues, “Kavanaugh was a lot like Coach Taylor: rageful, monosyllabic, sentimental about alcohol, and used to being in charge. Kavanaugh was incredulous, imperious, sneering, prideful and monstrous in his unilateralism. He interrupted Democratic senators, he rolled his eyes, sobbed, raged. He failed to exhibit judicial temperament, but he also failed at basic collegiality and respect. And that might be why he was ultimately confirmed. Rage and entitlement are the purview of white men and the measure of their legitimacy.”


Frankly, by taking this stance you have forgone any right to sympathy when these mounting tensions completely blow up in your face.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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