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Clementine Ford is a big fat hypocrite

12 November 2018

10:49 AM

12 November 2018

10:49 AM

The face of hypocrisy in Australia is Clementine Ford.

Ford will put forward an argument, then contradict herself through her words or actions — months or years later.

In 2011, Ford penned a column for Mamamia about her struggle with weight and body image.

In the piece, Ford talked about her struggles as an overweight person and her journey through bulimia.

She stated:

I wish there had been someone there to tell me that my worth did not go up and down with the numbers on the scales.

A few years ago, Ford deleted a Facebook friend who fat-shamed Kyle Sandilands.  And if you pay a visit to the asylum in a sewer that is Ford’s Twitter feed, you will find numerous Tweets and retweets about fat shaming.

Yet over the weekend, Ford had this to say about the Prime Minister.

Obviously, there are many retorts to Ford’s fat-shaming tweet.  But degrading another woman for her build isn’t my style.

I grew up reading and studying texts from the greats —  de Beauvoir, Greer, Chopin and Lessing.

And I wake up in 2018 to this woman.

A woman who reduces the leader of our country to a pudding.

A woman who thinks the world should discard Picasso — because she said so.

A woman who conveys her unbridled joy of passing wind after a long-haul flight.

If this hack is the best Australia can do as far ‘feminist’ writers go, we have hit the lowest common denominator.

Vanessa de Largie is a freelance journalist and sex columnist who divides her time between London and Melbourne.

Illustration: Amazon.com.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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