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The week in misandry

23 November 2018

11:26 AM

23 November 2018

11:26 AM

A quick peek at what’s going on the flip side of feminism – where it’s all about women.

International Men’s Day was ignored by the MSM. Of course, the real point is that if we truly lived in a patriarchy, IMD would be a public holiday. Meanwhile, female drug trafficker Renae Lawrence is released from Bali prison and media chase her around as if she’s a Kardashian.

The male suicide rate is soaring but Tasmania is more concerned about making a baby’s gender optional on birth certificates.

The former boss of UCAS – Britain’s Universities and Colleges Admissions Service – says boys are left to fail at school because attempts to help them earn the wrath of feminists. Feminism is all about equality – as long as women and girls are prioritised.

A 15-year-old girl was stabbed by one of her classmates at a Bundaberg High School. How to blame “toxic masculinity”?

A Moroccan woman killed her partner, blended his body and served it to workers as a traditional rice dish. According to SBS, the woman was arrested after the victim’s brother discovered a tooth in the blender. Feminists descend to say he must have deserved it.

SBS produce a supposed documentary about sexism in Australia. Use it as an opportunity to push propaganda and alarmists, biased narrative.

An Adelaide teacher admitted to sexually abusing one of her students. How to blame “toxic masculinity”?

Video emerges of an African gang fight at St Kilda Beach. Women clearly being violent. But, of course, women are never violent.

Woman charged over a stabbing in East Perth. How to blame “toxic masculinity”?

Clementine Ford posts, “Women who sneer at feminism because they need men to know how much they love them have no idea how quickly those same men will turn on them the moment they step out of line. Have some f***ing self-respect.” Darling Clem, some of us don’t see the world through your bizarre and hateful gender lens and believe in equality of compassion. She also tweeted, “men are sh*t”. And these fembots seriously wonder why both men and women are all turning their backs on feminism?

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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