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Tinker, tailor, soldier, Mr Harbourside Mansion?

30 November 2018

4:22 PM

30 November 2018

4:22 PM

George Papadopoulos has gone to gaol, it seems, for lying to Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. Scott Morrison is going into the Opposition for telling the truth about Malcolm Turnbull.

Do you remember Mueller? He was the fellow armed with the task by the Democrat infected Department of Justice of showing that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians in order to defeat Hillary Clinton’s assured election to the Presidency of the world’s most powerful nation. Mueller has so far spent about $30 million for diddly squat. That’s right, he hasn’t found what he was sent to find but that hasn’t stopped him from finding some tax evasion and using that as leverage to gain confessions of collusion. Except that doesn’t seem to have worked either so he charged a few underlings with collusion, including George Papadopoulos who is to spend a few days in gaol.

It has been suggested that Mueller is looking in the wrong place. Had he looked under Hillary’s carpet, or in the Democrat Party server, he would have discovered that agents of Hillary & Bill did collude with some Russians in order to arrange a meeting with young Trump Jnr; but that isn’t what Mueller wants so he George will spend a few days in gaol because Mueller can’t afford to stop searching. If he did, he would be out of a job. So the media is abuzz with Papadopoulos because he has been ordered to gaol.

The media is also abuzz with an invisible hand: not Adam Smith’s invisible hand, which was discredited by Maynard Keynes in 1936. Malcolm Turnbull is reported to be the invisible hand behind the drawn-out death of Scott Morrison’s government if not the Liberal Party by providing advice that led to Julia Banks bizarre defection and covert assistance to Dr Kerryn Phelps during and after the Wentworth by-election. (Dave Sharma was not only the better candidate; he was by far the best man for the job)

It doesn’t take intellect to understand the revenge motive but it does take a bit of common sense to see naked ambition and puerile spite through Malcolm Turnbull’s leather jacket. The difficulty that ScoMo faces is that there is really nothing he can do to stop Turnbull’s destructive interventions. It is an incurable personality disorder that the man thinks everyone likes him and his enormous wealth largely quarantines him from the need for any self-discipline.

Generally speaking, however, he is well regarded by the community even if the community, in general, lack common sense. Which brings me back to Papadopoulos, for Papadopoulos has re-entered the marketplace of ideas and people are concluding that he was the target of an elaborate FBI sting that sought to ‘manipulate him into appearing to be a vehicle for Russian influence.’

Papadopoulos in a lengthy interview again raised the part that Alexander Downer played in Papadopoulos’s connection with the allegations of Russian interference. And, as I’ve written before, here and here Downer, who was Australia’s High Commissioner to London at the time, appears to have been acting as an agent of Hillary Clinton’s campaign when he had Erika Thompson, a counsellor at the High Commission, arrange a meeting for him with Papadopoulos so he could give him the third degree. Downer’s connection to the Clintons is solid gold to the tune of $25millions of our money that he gave Bill’s foundation.

But the key here is that as Downer was doing the Hillary’s dirty work, then you can bet London to a brick on that the other ScoMo irritant, Julie “Red-Shoes” Bishop, our Foreign Minister, was well aware of what he was up to. In fact, Downer has admitted he reported his meeting back to Canberra, even if he also told the US Embassy in London.

We are now talking about two of Australia’s highest foreign affairs officers, Julie Red-Shoes and Downer working for the losing side, the Clinton side, in a US Presidential election at a time when Malcolm Turnbull was hoping to complete his agreement with Obama and move people from Nauru to the USA. Once it is established that Julie Red-Shoes was in on the Hillary act, it must follow as night follows day that so too was Malcolm Turnbull.

That is the linking chain that ScoMo needs to establish publicly while ensuring that all the individuals involved in the drama are named and shamed. When his preparedness to jeopardise the Australian-US alliance by authorising Downer’s dark arts is known, the public’s memory of Malcolm Turnbull will be Mr Harbourside Mansion, that’s all.

Of course, it will be said, that as a member of the Cabinet, ScoMo himself was complicit. In this case, collective guilt would not apply, since Cabinet knowledge would only have occurred after the deal was done.

David Long is a retired solicitor, economist and PhD candidate at Griffith University, School of Law.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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