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3 December 2018

8:43 PM

3 December 2018

8:43 PM

Normally socialism, er, buggers you through high taxes, over-regulation and social control:

A growing wave of sex-positive feminists are working to usher in what they describe as a “pleasure revolution” in which women’s sexuality is embraced, rather than stigmatized, by both individuals and society at large. According to advocates of the movement, such as author and feminist Stephanie Theobold, the pleasure revolution is “about women asserting their own pleasure,” just as the #MeToo movement was about the problem of “men imposing their pleasure on women.” But for Reba Maybury, a 27-year-old political science professor and professional dominatrix, the larger problem is a historical power imbalance that she’s now working to correct in a unique fashion.

A socialist of mixed-race background, Marbury, who also goes by the name Mistress Rebecca, says that she had “always been fascinated by sex and notions of shame around sexuality,” particularly in regard to fetishes…

For many of her clientele, who are almost exclusively white right-wing men because she finds herself unable “to be even fictionally cruel to any other type of man,” that fetish is serving a powerful woman. Marbury derives her pleasure comes from forcing those men to see the contradiction between their love of powerful women and their support for political parties that actively work to limit women’s rights and empowerment.

A pretty accurate reflection of the reality this, as under socialism you also pay those with power and authority to degrade and mistreat you. And also, it’s not that men, particularly straight white men, don’t get constantly reminded about their privilege, bigotry and status as oppressors – essentially how shit they are.

What I’m surprised is that there are still right wing men left who don’t have enough of the metaphorical and still yearn for the literal. Particularly, since Mistress Rebecca’s aim is not just humiliation but conversion: “If he wants to really make me happy, which he says he does, what could possibly make me more happy than turning him into a socialist?”

This too is socialism – even as it’s making your life hell it still wants you to be or become a believer. The government doesn’t have to make you happy; you have to make the government happy.

I’m amused to read that Ms (or is it Dr?) Maybury can only bring herself to be cruel to white right wing men. This, indeed, is the only demographic one can still be cruel to and not only not be thought less of as a result but positively lionised.

Truly, the personal is political, and the political personal.

Arthur Chrenkoff blogs at The Daily Chrenk, where this piece also appears.

Illustration: YouTube/Centre Pompadour.

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