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Alice in Leftist-land

19 January 2019

9:00 AM

19 January 2019

9:00 AM

‘There’s no use trying,’ says Alice to the Queen in Through the Looking-Glass, ‘one can’t believe impossible things.’

No? Clearly Alice hadn’t met the modern leftist. Not that she needed to. She had the Queen with her who was straight out of the leftist playbook. Alice herself was one of those tiresome people who insist on proof before believing something but the Queen displays the blithe disregard for the facts that is de rigueur for the contemporary Left.

‘I daresay you haven’t had much practice,’ said the Queen. ‘Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.’

Six may even be too few for the earnest leftist poised over his ethically- sourced muesli as Radio National drills into his mind any number of – well, if not all conceptually impossible – untrue and imaginary ‘facts’ and opinions. In the fantasy world of the Left untruth is as often a criterion of belief as an impediment to it. Witness the following examples of what anyone not hypnotised by the ABC or the Guardian will recognise as mendacities the Left gladly believes and which, if it could get its way, it would have the rest of us shot or shoved into a gulag for not believing.

It is more important to fight ‘racism’ than to maintain public order. This is a falsehood especially dear to the leftist heart just now, with African gangs on the loose in several cities. The ABC devoted the whole of its coverage of a clash between the ‘far right’ and leftists at a recent Melbourne protest against street crime to the iniquity of a federal senator attending the protest and thus, supposedly, endorsing ‘racial hatred’. There was not even a nod in the direction of the social problem of the gangs, who regularly terrorise innocent citizens.

We are all no more than our sexuality. Leftists prefer to say ‘gender’ rather than ‘sex’ because the former expresses a metaphysical concept which allows them to talk about a multiplicity of ‘gender identities’, instead of the biological two. This is a field in which no fantasy is too weird for leftist endorsement. Even Alice’s Queen with her capacity for believing impossibilities might have drawn the line, had anyone dared raise such distasteful matters in her presence, at being told that some women have penises and men have periods. This is a lie coined for the convenience of the self-obsessed ‘trans’ lobby and propagated, even to children, by leftist gender theorists, usually taxpayer-funded. They’re quick workers, these sexual fantasisers, and ‘gender fluidity’, unheard of a decade ago, is creeping its way towards official recognition.

Whites ‘stole’ this country from its Aboriginal ‘owners’ is in the same boat. This now passes as orthodox history, yet the truth is that whites did not steal but built up a nation on empty land where Aborigines roamed without any sense of nationhood or legal ownership. The idea that there were flourishing Aboriginal ‘nations’, like a kind of palaeolithic commonwealth, is one retrospectively imposed on history by activists determined to make the case that the British colonists ‘invaded’ a civilisation, like the Germans marching into Poland. (Note, by the way, that the usually Anglo proponents of this theory never do their bit to rectify the alleged wrong by clearing out. If the land was stolen why do they perpetuate the offence by hanging onto the patch they live on?).

Which is what makes Aboriginal ‘welcomes to country’ such a lie. The fantasy here is that the officiating ‘auntie’ in her possum skin is graciously allowing whitey to step onto her own land. Yet the truth is, and it’s surprising that Aborigines are not offended by this, that we’re playing ‘let’s pretend’. We make- believe for a moment that the land is not the territory of a nation called Australia but belongs instead to its ‘traditional owners’, who hospitably allow us in. The ritual over, the pretence is dropped. Any Aborigines who took things literally and decided to ‘repossess’ the town hall or wherever the ceremony had taken place would be swiftly disillusioned. Trust leftists to invent an Aboriginal ‘custom’ that actually patronises Aborigines.

Islam is a religion of peace. This is as much wishful thinking as a willingly believed untruth. It proves that to someone really credulous, evidence to the contrary can be a stimulus to belief. In the leftist mind every time an Islamist blows someone up it only demonstrates how far that ‘extremist’ is from the pacific ideals of his religion.

And it’s all our own fault. The terrorist is simply reacting to the oppression, exploitation etc. our capitalist-imperialist Western society inflicts on the rest of mankind, or so leftists have been told in their university tutorials. But here leftists get a bit confused, because according to them our society is also, at least in its ‘progressive’ manifestation in places such as Sweden and California, the most enlightened in history. So convinced are leftists of their own moral superiority that they presume to pass judgment not only on their benighted contemporaries, i.e. people who don’t vote Left (‘deplorables’), but on prominent figures of the past for the offence of not seeing the world through the lens of contemporary leftist doctrine. Their books are banned, their achievements sneered at, their statues pulled down.

Yet this same society that leftists believe to be, where they are running things, the most advanced ever is sliding back into savagery. Its citizens have lost their manners; its young can barely read or write and deface themselves with tattoos. Its literature, cinema and theatre are barren and would be lost for words without scabrous language. If ever a society was in sick decline, this one is, though not in leftist eyes.

Let’s have a sixth piece of leftist dreaming. ‘Populist’ electorates can’t be trusted. Too often they don’t elect leftists, whose real preference anyway is for ‘global governance’, a safely non-democratic concept which allows the human-rights tramplers of the UN to interfere everywhere. And the Left is discovering a renewed respect for Marxism, even for Stalin and Mao, now portrayed as wise and benevolent visionaries who lifted their peoples out of serfdom into – well, millions of dead later let’s not look too closely into what. Because for a leftist the logical consequence of a belief, if unpalatable, is better ignored. After all, logic was invented by old white Western men so is automatically suspect.

‘I can’t believe that,’ said Alice. ‘Can’t you?’ the Queen said in a pitying tone. ‘Try again: draw a long breath, and shut your eyes.’ There’s the leftist technique in a nutshell.

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