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unPresidented idiocy from the anti-Trump brigade

13 January 2019

3:46 PM

13 January 2019

3:46 PM

‘Not my President!’ can be heard echoing across the American leftscape, two years after Donald Trump’s inauguration, interspersed with ‘Let’s impeach the motherfucker!’ The verbal gets physical, too, with lefties wanting to punch him in the face, blow him up in the White House or assassinate him for old times’ sake. And they accuse him of spreading hate, being divisive…

It’s not enough for them to spew hatred at Trump, the hysterical cohort in the Democratic party has lurched beyond parody, rejecting any bill that will ‘build his wall’, that monument to his manhood, according Nancy Pelosi, who has descended from high dudgeon to low logic, calling the wall ‘immoral’.

With the longest US Government shutdown in history over the Democrats’ refusal to approve funding for physical barriers at the Mexico border, America has reached an unprecedentrd state of an unPresidented US. The Democrats are not interested in governing, even now that they have a majority in the Congress. They have tunnel vision to eject Trump. Most of the mediocre media is there to help them, abandoning their most important role of speaking truth to power; they are holding torch to power. They will never regain the trust of those consumers who have lost confidence in their wares – not for generations. And when Trump has left the stage, they will have to re-earn their licence with the public, and re-learn their legitimate job.

Like the mainstream media, the Democrats are willing to sacrifice principle for hateful politics. They have reversed their border security policy stands of the past – wall included – to stop Trump getting ‘his’ wall. They forget that Trump was elected by the American people with the wall as his signature policy. It’s not ‘his’ wall, it’s America’s wall. But blinded by their hatred, all those on the left are now mounting increasingly shrill and shallow arguments to oppose the wall.

It’s too expensive: at US$5.7 billion (which includes additional security measures), the wall will recoup its cost within months, as the massive costs of illegal migration shrink.

It’s medieval: so are wheels.

It’s ineffective: all real-life experience with walls proves the opposite.

It’s racist: and this racism is obviously exclusive to a wall, doesn’t apply to the wall-less border regions and is absent in the legal migration program that welcomes over a million migrants each year to the US. But then, to them, anything and anyone can be racist.

It’s immoral/it’s unAmerican: this set of laughable, empty sentiments rests on the denial of sovereignty. An invisible border is still a border not to be crossed without permission. The knee-jerk compassion for illegal migrants hides a miserable truth: many illegal migrants (other than the gangsters and terrorists among them) become the most vulnerable and exploited strata of American society. Genuine compassion should steer them to ports of entry for a better chance at a better life. Of course, this applies to migrants all over the world.

And the best of all: there is no crisis. So blinded by their furious anti-Trump agenda, they are stabbing themselves in the back. There was CNN’s Jim Acosta, the attack dog, the face of the ugly American reporter, walking along a peaceful stretch of the border beside a wall made of see-through steel slats (like that proposed in many places), explaining to viewers, ‘see, no crisis here’, no masses of illegal migrants demanding entry. It didn’t take long for social media to ridicule him and CNN, and for Trump to thank him for proving that walls work.

What is worse than the dishonest excuses used to buttress their opposition to a physical barrier is the flagrant transparency of those making them.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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