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An endless coup

2 February 2019

9:00 AM

2 February 2019

9:00 AM

Do those campaigning against our national day really think that Australia, as we know it, would be here without the British settlement? That gave us not only the foundation pillars of our nation, it assured our continuing security and existence, now seriously endangered by the endless anti-Trump coup.

Without 1788, we cannot assume that this would be an English-speaking,  independent, wealthy, until recently well-educated,  egalitarian,  democratic nation under the rule of law and welcoming to immigration.

The reason we survived is because we have always enjoyed the protection of the world super-power. While after the fall of Singapore the British continued to play a significant role in our defence, that of principal defender moved to Washington. Important for us, this was the very first time a superpower came from the same family, the Anglosphere, despised by Bob Carr but enjoying the same legal principles and the same respect for government with constitutional checks and balances.

One consequence is that English is the world language, another that our survival is now dependent on the United States, although we should not forget that we still have in the UK an ally which is a major military power, despite the decline imposed by the Cameron TINOs, Tories In Name Only. If ever we are under attack these are the only powers likely to offer and to be able to deliver significant assistance.

The status of being the world’s only  superpower was achieved by Ronald Reagan who, despite the scorn and ridicule of the commentariat and the elites, brought down the Soviet empire without firing a shot.

Reagan’s great achievement was  frittered away by his successors, who lost key allies, especially Iran, who had not learnt to avoid, wherever possible, long land wars and above all, by the disastrous Obama administration whose mission was to go down an alien socialist path while managing American economic and military decline.

The resulting slack is being taken up by the Russians and the communist Chinese, especially through Trump’s predecessors foolishly gifting the latter with extraordinarily generous terms of trade and the massive transfer, including tolerated theft, of intellectual property. That is why the Trumpian agenda, making America great again, is crucial not only for the US and the West but especially for Australia. This is despite the myopia of our commentariat and our elites who could not believe Trump’s victory (some seemed to have nervous breakdowns) and who remain contemptuously dismissive of the most significant president since Reagan.

While an American decline would be bad enough in the NATO area, a diminished America, or worse, an American withdrawal from our region, would be a disaster for Australia. Those from our political class and other elites who have taken on the role of mouthpieces for the communist Beijing regime should be reminded that we have never before had to survive in a world dominated by an alien power attached neither to democracy nor the rule of law.

This is why this endless coup in Washington is so dangerous. Constitutional governance has been undermined for over two years by an illegitimate coalition of thwarted self-interested politicians, apparatchiks in the Department of Justice and the FBI ignoring the law, politicians disguised as federal district court judges and an extraordinarily delinquent mainstream media. This began with FBI chief James Comey and associates deciding that to keep her as a candidate and the expected winner, they would protect Obamist  Hillary Clinton from any charges for the serious crimes she was alleged to have committed, not only in storing official secrets on her home computer system, but in the wanton destruction of so much  evidence subpoenaed in the investigation. The finding in her favour was actually written even before she was interviewed as the Empress, without administering the oath or taking any record. In clearing her after the alleged intervention of her husband, Comey spoke as if he were the Attorney General while an investigation into whether she had engaged in corrupt conduct in opening up American uranium resources to Russian oligarchs vanished.

Then, relying principapply on the basis of the scurrilous Cllnton and Democrat-funded ‘Trump-Russia’ dossier containing unproven and according to the author, unprovable allegations, high officials from the FBI and DoJ fraudulently obtained a series of warrants from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to ‘wiretap’ a Trump campaign associate and thus Donald Trump and his campaign.

After the President dismissed him, Comey admitted stealing government memorandums to have them leaked to the press to trigger the special counsel investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, to be headed  by his old friend, Robert Mueller. Mueller appointed a team of politically-conflicted lawyers, some remarkably so. His lead prosecutor, ‘pitbull’ Andrew Weissmann, is notorious for destroying the respected accounting firm of Arthur Andersen only to be reversed, unanimously, by the Supreme Court when it was too late to save 85,000 jobs across the world.

Mueller has still not found any collusion. He has initiated useless prosecutions against Russians, most of whom will never appear, or for unrelated historical offences, or for those tricked and trapped  into ‘process’ offences such as allegedly lying to the FBI or Congress. The callous financial and career destruction of General Mike Flynn is an example.

Biased reporting by the US mainstream media has had its effect, with polling indicating that 42 per cent believe Russia changed the election result, which even Mueller does not claim.

Every week or so the mainstream media excitedly reports some silver bullet that will bring Trump down, only to be shown to have reported more ‘fake news’. Recently, there was a feeding frenzy over reports about ‘evidence’ that Trump had directed former attorney Michael Cohen  to lie to Congress, which Mueller eventually denied. Then there was the over-the-top arrest of Roger Stone for process offences, exclusively filmed by CNN whose staff, almost everyone believes, were improperly tipped off. Meanwhile Trump still manages to achieve so much.

We Australians are more than passive observers. If Trump is not allowed to make America great again, we will be in the front-line of the losers.

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