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2 February 2019

9:00 AM

2 February 2019

9:00 AM

That sleeping giant, the public, is waking up this side of the Tasman, but late to redress the reality that the damage done to what was once called ‘God’s own country’, has largely been due to political leadership. The links between agenda-driven legislation, ignorance and incompetence are increasingly under scrutiny.

We were rightly warned by historian Barbara Tuchman in The March of Folly that ‘governments get most issues wrong’. It is worse, with our politicians themselves the product of a long-planned, thoroughly dumbed-down ‘education’ well under way by the 1960s. Since then, communist goals of undermining the West through infiltrating all our institutions have been spectacularly successful – particularly by getting control of the schools. No institution became a more important flag carrier for socialism, feminism, gay rights, anti-colonialism, multiculturalism, biculturalism, ethnic superiority and the destabilising ‘sex education’. All aimed to provoke antagonism towards a supposed patriarchical, pro-family society which was – worst of all! – underpinned by Christian values. The result? A national brainwashing of our young lacking the advantage of intelligent parents opposing this.

Little wonder that for several decades now good teachers have resigned in despair, with the imposition of mountaining paperwork; never-ending compliance edicts; the sheer folly of open plan, shared, noisy classrooms with desks removed and computers on the knees of children on beanbags (thankfully still resisted by some teachers frowned upon for trying to actually teach – instead of being merely ‘facilitators’). Many remaining are not competent in subjects where parents should be able to rely on their knowledge and expertise. Teaching of maths and English – in particular important tools of language use – has been a spectacular failure.

New Zealanders are no longer a well-educated people. Many university entrants have never read a book in their lives. Even encountering scientists with Ph.D’s unable to write competent English sentences, or confident of where to put a comma or full stop, is far from unusual.

The substitution of eco-fascism, environmental extremism and all the Green irrationalities for academic subjects of real value is heavily promoted by a Ministry of Education long infiltrated by neo-Marxists. To Trojan-horse our society, education standards were deliberately undermined by revised curricula, and important academic subjects such as history and Latin, with its unparalleled mental training – now making a highly successful comeback in English schools in deprived areas – were either completely discarded, minimised or dumbed down. Everything now revolves around the pernicious emphasis on identity politics. But trumping even these are our ‘culturally sensitive’ requirements to prioritise the superior importance of Maori.

I caught up with a good friend recently, a professor within one of our shockingly corrupted, once fiercely independent universities, today capitulating to today’s immensely wealthy iwi –‘Maori’ neo-tribal institutions buying political influence, and interfering in courses. Powerful, ambitious corporations, the two that received the largest tribal settlements for the Crown’s controversial Treaty of Waitangi breaches in the past immediately repudiated allowing the disadvantaged among their ranks to gain access to their new tribal wealth. The South Island’s Ngai Tahu at the time received an extraordinary settlement well described as basically ‘a swindle’ –so much of it based on proven historical untruths swallowed holus bolus by Crown lawyers later admitting they simply didn’t have any among their ranks knowledgeable enough to challenge Ngai Tahu’s flagrant reinvention of their history.

Largely as a result of treaty settlements, the Maori economy is now estimated at $50 billion. Wealthy iwi corporations pay no tax as they have successfully claimed to be charitable institutions. However, there are no longer any full-blooded Maori in existence. Many controlling these lucrative holdings have as little as 1/16 or 1/32 Maori genetic inheritance. Even a smidgen of Maori ancestry now counts as being Maori – a result of manipulative politicising in the ‘70s.  As with the sheer nonsense of today’s transgender irrationalities, it is enough, according to the Anglican Church, to simply ‘feel Maori’ to count as Maori.

My friend is one of the few refusing to compel his students to prioritise ‘cultural sensitivity’ as a course component if they wish to graduate with an arts degree from the University of Canterbury. Every student, every academic, now has to prove ‘bicultural competence’ – lecturers for tenure, students to graduate. Part-Maori tribal members oversee ticking such boxes for arts degrees, soon to be extended to science degrees. Inflicting this racist political correctness on those studying for qualifications in physics, chemistry, mathematics, music – or in any completely irrelevant area – is simply large-scale cultural bullying. Incredibly, those applying for research grants must now say what relevance these have to putting ‘Maori’ interests first and explain why not, if this is not done. That our universities are catering to such flagrant corruption, underpinned by the promise of tribal funding, is a disgrace.

Many New Zealanders have had enough, resenting the prioritisation of all things supposedly Maori, even to the extent of our national anthem having to be sung first in a reinvented ‘Maori’, with scores of thousands of words of this newly-coined, fake language now inflicted on the country. For example, how does one say Inland Revenue Department in genuine Maori…? And why the ongoing demand for this reinvented ‘Maori’ to be compulsorily taught in schools? As the triumphalist movement swells, central government insists that local city councils now take on board paid, unelected ‘Maori’ members as policy advisers although every local council in this country has ratepayers voting against this.

Most New Zealanders, including part-Maori, like people the world over, just want to get on with their own lives. However, our well-funded pressure groups, to which government so predictably and exclusively capitulates, operate on the premise that the squeaky wheel gets the most grease. And government incompetence in dealing with the Treaty of Waitangi reinventions has become scandalous.

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