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The Trump delusion syndrome sufferers’ Samson strategy

6 February 2019

7:20 AM

6 February 2019

7:20 AM

Trump obsessives believe the current United States political imbroglio is all about a wall between that country and Mexico.

Added to their hatred of the Donald, something which seems to span political allegiances.

While they trot out all sorts of justification to show Trump’s proposal is unconscionable, they are missing the main game, as it is intended they do.

There may have been past bipartisan support for a US-Mexico wall proposal, but the Nancy Pelosi led Democrat opposition is simply employing short-term, hypocritical, political opportunism.

Arguments such as that which asserts net migration between the two countries is greater into Mexico than vice versa is simply distraction.

More Americans enter Mexico for its cheaper medical services than attempt to enter the US for its supposed opportunities, they claim.

For some time, the number of non-Mexicans attempting illegally to enter the US across that border has actually outnumbered Mexicans.

The US is not alone in attempting to control its borders with physical obstacles.

Other nations use walls to prevent egress across their borders, including Turkey with Syria.

Both countries’ arch-nemesis Israel uses strenuously patrolled physical barriers against all its external land neighbours.

It even does so internally to deny Palestinians access to disputed lands occupied by Israel.

The world can condemn, but sovereign states may make their own decisions.

Still, the wall is simply a distraction for Pelosi’s short-term political game.

Hitler had the Reichstag burned in February 1933 to make a political point, blaming the arson on an allegedly deranged communist.

Hitler and his cronies had the arsonist executed.

To destroy a man she loathes and believes to be deranged, Pelosi will burn the very institution she and her party covet above all else.

Pelosi and her cronies will do all in their power to destroy not just Trump, but anyone associated with him.

If Trump colluded with Russia during the presidential election campaign, as Pelosi and her co-conspiracy theorists assert, the Russians will know.

If he didn’t, as he and his supporters insist, the Russians will be incontinent with mirth watching America’s ill-disciplined partisan politically opportunistic antics.

At the end of the saga, when it’s either her or Trump standing on the steps of the Capitol holding aloft a severed head, the real victim will be the office of POTUS.

The Chinese, North Koreans and Russians, not to mention the Iranians understand this perfectly.

Petulant Pelosi is playing a dangerous game, for whenever next the US has a Democrat president, their calumny will surely return to haunt them.

Pelosi may possess short-term political cunning but she is myopic when it comes to long-term smarts.

Be careful what you wish for, lest karma reciprocate.

Ross Eastgate blogs at Targets Down.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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