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American Socialism and the coming Great Leap Backwards

5 March 2019

7:29 AM

5 March 2019

7:29 AM

It was never going to be the case, even under the most perfect Marxist Communism, that the proletariat would rule the State. Marx made it perfectly clear that the Communist State, after the revolution would be ruled by the Communist Party. After the Communist State abolished all private property and had nationalised the means of production, there was still the problem of making everyone surrender their private desires for private property by re-education.

That nirvana, from each according to his ability to each according to his need, that withering away of the State would always be just around the corner; there was always some further inequality to knock on the head. Lenin and Stalin showed how necessary it was to knock a few hundred thousand on the head and not a few disobedient and recalcitrant proletariat, if they were going to be saved. You can only tell them so often that things have to change.

If you have been paying attention to the lunatic left in the United States you will have noticed the rise of the ‘socialists’ in amongst the poor and huddled masses. Oddly enough, the more toxic socialists over there just happen to be women, a circumstance deserving closer attention. Just look where crazy females have taken the Labor Party in Queensland.

An admitted American socialist, Democrat New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has unleashed a plan to deal with global warming in America called the Green New Deal. The GND will require the abolition of all air travel, internal combustion engines, all nuclear power plants in 10 years, the replacement of all coal fired plants with solar power and other renewables and the replacement of every building in New York so as to meet the new green standard of a zero carbon foot print:

“Can we go for a drive this afternoon, darling?” “Is the wind blowing?”

“Can we watch TV?” “Is the sun shining?”

When she took some criticism for the excessive cost of the GND – about $US92 trillion – she responded: ‘I’m the Boss.’ Never mind that the representatives and senators from Hawaii would have to swim to California and then bicycle to Washington. She’s the Boss. If the GND was ever implemented, we can guess the Boss’s response to those who wanted to keep their motorcar and forgo the Amish lifestyle.

A sentence of hard labour, however, is the usual punishment in socialist countries and the reason is simple. These people are ideologues who know everything conservative is form of resistance. Their laws enforce their delusional schemes and punish those who are not deluded. Enforcement of the laws is by bureaucrats who, with all the power of the State, compel obedience to the ideology, not to the law. And the  punishment for resistance is always hard labour because the resister challenges the truth of the ideology.

The lunatic left in Australia have an ideology of absolute equality. All differences are acquired; even the difference between men and women. It is Marxist and it is mad, but they earnestly believe that the law, strong law, uncompromising law will abolish those differences; men will become women, women men, human babies become not human. The Australian Socialist Left is coming, we are told, in May.

Labor Party apparatchiks are already sharpening the legal knives, to hit the ground running when the Labor Party takes control in Canberra. The legal knives will mandate racial equality, sexual equality, climate equality, gender equality and wage equality. Everyone will be equal so don’t resist. Four legs good; two legs bad.

Resistance will not be tolerated or you will find yourself before the Tribunal. There you will be hectored, fined, made to apologise for thinking inequality and you will receive an order for community service, where miscreants repay the benevolent, long suffering State for all it has done for you with hard work. You, like millions before you will discover that work sets you free.

David Long is a retired solicitor, economist and PhD candidate at Griffith University, School of Law.

Illustration: Barclays Mercantile Industrial Finance/JRS Productions/Paramount Pictures.

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