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CBD: BS didn’t have a bad day, it was the right-wing media

17 April 2019

11:29 AM

17 April 2019

11:29 AM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

Why does bad luck have to come at all let alone in threes? Especially for BS. What a Daley day he’s had. Completely unfair. The hard right orchestrated. Sky after dark. Not of his doing. The unfairness is unspeakable. Which of course is why Australia needs a government focussed on a fair go. Which in turn is why CBDers support Labor.

The problem of a free press was on full display yesterday. They were actually allowed to ask questions and so abused the privilege as to make poor BS stumble. (Where did Conroy’s legislation on controlling the media end up?)

The impudence. Is anyone really interested in the economic consequences of BS’s carbon reduction policy? When you’re in the business of saving the planet what do mere numbers actually mean?

Simply, there is no need to explain the cost of such self evidently good policies. You can’t make an omelette without cracking eggs. And you can’t create the nirvana of a carbon-restrained economy without cracking a few businesses, jobs and the economy. But to tell the people that in this hideous democracy where people can actually vote against such vision is frustrating. It could deny us achieving the brave new world of a carbon-restrained future. Which is why CBDers should develop public policy absent democratic judgment.

Democracy is such a pesky feel good virtue-signalling handbrake on good progress. So it becomes obvious why the hard right media with their sinister motives champion democracy and people power. It’s their only refuge against our well-established intellectual superiority.

Why should such a great man as BS answer to the people and the free press? They have no business enquiring why and demanding answers.

If all that wasn’t horrific enough some sticky beak noticed Labor had taken down its well-honed, fully researched, carved in stone negative gearing policy. People have a cheek demanding to know how policies might impact their lives. What idealistic nonsense. All the people have the right to know is what CBDers determine they are entitled to know.

And thirdly, people that try to save the taxpayer by providing for their own retirement should bear a heavier tax burden. These types are by definition exploiters. Why should savers and those that pretend to forego lifestyle to secure tomorrow’s future not be taxed more savagely to reduce their ill-gotten gains? They’re lucky to be allowed to keep any of it. Take home pay is not the workers’ hard-earned money. It is the money the government graciously does not tax off you.

So why BS stuttered and stalled yesterday about not imposing new imposts on superannuation was disappointing and inexplicable. In fairness, it was not BS’s fault. Rather BS was simply triggered into giving what on the face were perceived to be dishonest answers, which in reality was an understandable response to rigorous questioning.

Why elements of the media insist on asking rigorous questions seeking facts rather than being satisfied with the vibe will never be comprehended by the CBDers. To have ended the day with three strikes against BS was devastatingly disappointing to those of us who know better.

The hard right is salivating – relying on their quaint notions of facts and impacts rather than the vibe and emotion when it comes to emissions policy, right to know on negative gearing and honesty when it comes to superannuation policy.

But don’t be disillusioned by BS’s leadership. It’s the hard right’s aggression that needs to be exposed not Labor’s policy failures.

CBD will be contributing regularly throughout the campaign. 

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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