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CBD: KO’s KOs against workplace justice and law boost BS

25 April 2019

5:23 PM

25 April 2019

5:23 PM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

We all want to earn more. What’s more we deserve more. Oh, how CBD knows it. We are all worth so much more.

Just because public servants in Canberra got nearly 20 percent over and above the private sector in wage increase was no excuse for those hard right Liberals to limit CBD and fellow public servants to a 1.5 percent p.a. pay increases when they came to power in 2013 – with the even greater insult of requiring productivity gains.

This approach was allegedly popular amongst some elements who do not have the intellect to fully appreciate CBD’s foundational contribution to the smooth operation of our society like collecting taxes and telling people what they can and can’t do.

So having suffered this egregious wage injustice for nigh on six years CBD was quietly reassured (like a light on a hill) to have BS declare wage justice for all. What’s more BS has promised in blood he will personally deliver this long overdue wage justice. When the umpire gets it wrong decisive action is needed.

Having developed the Fair Work Act, stacked out… oops carefully selected on merit after consultation (just don’t ask with whom) people with a commitment to social justice BS will now force wage increases without the need for the umpire’s decision. If only football games could be played on that basis – no genuine rules, biased umpires and the government determining the outcome in any event. Absolute CBD heaven. Besides would make the punting so much easier.

What CBD really relishes is the absence, indeed acquiescence of SM in this debate.

When SM regurgitated the hard right line about BS being “union bred, union fed and union led,” CBD thought the fight might be taken up. Thankfully not so. No talk of wages needing to be linked to productivity.

Similarly with the abolition of the Australian Building and Construction Commission. Having fought an election (a double dissolution in fact) about the ABCC’s reintroduction in 2016 CBD naively thought BS’s promise to reabolish it and rightfully restore mayhem, thuggery, rorts, rackets and rip offs into the construction sector there may have been a response, any response, from SM. Even a muted one?

CBD has long held to the view that you need to be in the ring or on the field to win but BS appears to have won this part of Election 19 with a KO (Kelly O’Dwyer).

As for BS’s brilliance in blaming the adjustment of a few penalty rates in a few awards as the hard right’s fault is a sight to behold. Again a KO. No one willing to take up the challenge. CBD has harboured concerns as to the potential mayhem that could be wrought with a bit of truth telling. Such as pointing out that the five Commissioners headed by former ACTU Assistant Secretary Ian Ross under BS’s Fair Work Act unanimously determined on the objective evidence that the maintenance of the penalties was costing jobs.

But KO is allowing a KO against her team. CBD will be forever grateful breathing easy knowing SM sees this area of public policy a zone of non – engagement. Which means BS doesn’t have to say how he would do it, let alone by how much the wages would increase. Nor explain the consequences on employment levels and opportunities for our young. All a self inflicted KO due to non-engagement.

CBD will be contributing regularly throughout the campaign.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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