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CBD: Palmer and Shorten, blood brothers fighting for the workers

23 April 2019

11:07 AM

23 April 2019

11:07 AM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

Recent polling suggesting a surge of newfound popularity for Clive Palmer gives CBD comfort for a BS election victory.

The similarities between BS and CP are quite ‘spooky ‘to quote…. oops I’m not allowed to quote him/her since the defrocking at the Barrys. But the similarities are spooky. What’s more, they are heart-warmingly plentiful suggesting a BS and CP arrangement would work exceedingly well.

Both know how to make big-picture policy announcements.

Neither is concerned about the media’s manic demand for policy detail, explanations or costings.

Both have lots of money to splurge on advertising promoting themselves and their personal ambitions.

And both have a moral compass and leadership skills to look beyond the immediate and focus on the long term. It is in this common bond that they are truly blood brothers. Pesky issues such as un – or underpaid workers are an unnecessary distraction to be airbrushed aside. Sure the hard right with their notions of integrity, consistency and leadership by personal example will get excited but not visionary leaders who heed the call of history.

So while nickel workers remain unpaid struggling to make ends meet the higher moral good is not served by acquiescing to their selfish demands to be paid to enable them to look after their families. Rather the money must be employed in a more noble task such as enabling the people to have the benefit of CP sacrificing for them in the Senate. ($30 million spent on political advertising wouldn’t have made much of a difference for the workers anyway.) And it seems CP has learned from the master himself.

BS himself through his AWU mastered this approach of taking from the poor and giving to one’s self, of hearing the higher calling and unhesitatingly responding to it. Sure mushroom pickers (Chiquita mushrooms), builders (Winslow) and, cleaners (Cleanevent) may have been volunteered into BS’s cause. But CBD is confident that like the nickel workers left in CP’s wake BS’s shortchanged AWU members see the greater good to which they have so graciously contributed. Being treated like mushrooms so BS could build his empire and clean-up in his bid to become PM will provide the warm inner glow so necessary when you can’t afford the electricity bill.

Together BS and CP are blood brothers on the long march to creating an Australian workers paradise. And, yes. CBD is excited!

CBD will be contributing regularly throughout the campaign.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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