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Election 2019: A song of Lies and Ire

15 April 2019

5:03 PM

15 April 2019

5:03 PM

The dragons are back – as is Cercei, Jon Snow, Danerys Targeryn, Sansa and Arya Stark and the rest of the Game of Throne cast, for this final season with the White Walkers on the march for the lands south of the Wall.

GoT was based on the history of the Wars of the Roses and the endless manipulations of European power and realpolitik. But there’s also a message for the two major parties and their leaders, facing the May 18 election.

Much has been made of the supposed disarray of the Coalition forces, of the unity of Labor.

Remember an interesting incident in one of the earliest GoT episodes, when Cercei Lannister asks her husband, the usurper king Robert Baratheon, which is greater, “Five, or one ?”

The answer to most of us, obviously, is five, the greater number. But Robert, clenching his fist, declares that one, led by a strong leader, who can unite his forces and the country behind him is stronger than five, juggling for control.

And it is the Coalition, at present, that has the stronger leader, the man most able to sway voters, to come up from behind and push his message. Yes, Australians are tired of political upheavals and constant changing of guards but they are also apprehensive, fearful of the kind of agenda that Labor proposes, at a time of international political and economic uncertainty.

The people that actually bring home the bacon, farmers, small business owners, the mining industry that has made possible the good life and good times we’ve enjoyed uninterruptedly for over a decade, are threatened by Labor’s ‘reforms’.

That old, irritating advertising catch cry “Where did they get the money for that?” will become political reality.

Where will they get the money for Bill Shorten’s policies, if they come into effect ? Well, mainly through a taxing of the old, the baby boomers – never mind if they’ve worked hard all their lives to get to this pint – in favour of younger voters and of the better-off – again, never mind if they’ve arranged their affairs legally, with due thought, to provide for their later years – in favour of the supposedly-disadvantaged.

A war waged, not Starks against Lannisters, but baby boomers against youth, and the perceived affluent against those who perceive they are not.

Who knows how it will end so, like Game of Thrones, choose your side carefull.

May18 – winter – is coming.

Illustration: HBO.

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