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GULAG needs to recalibrate for the last three weeks

29 April 2019

8:04 AM

29 April 2019

8:04 AM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

CBD will be contributing regularly throughout the campaign.

While CBD’s confession of taking heart and comfort from the obscurity of a Tasmanian Governor’s ANZAC Day speech has been unkindly interpreted by some as a weakening of resolve be assured – CBD’s determination has never been stronger.

With three weeks to go anything could still happen to recalibrate the GULAG campaign. GetUp! Labor and Greens (GULAG) can regroup. They need to – or all will be lost.

GetUp! has three weeks to drop its hate peddling. While appealing to CBD and fellow travellers CBD is mindful of the sensibilities of the Wentworth/Kooyong/Warringah set who (while potential useful idiots) are easily turned off by the alleged immature excesses of Paul Oosting (GetUp! CEO).

It’s not Oosting’s fault. It’s just that the potential useful idiots have as yet not given themselves over completely to the GULAG morality of whatever it takes. Accordingly while they still hold to the naive notion of rules and standards GetUp! needs to be more deft of foot rather than left of centre. Poor Silly Zali. The old adage of “if you lie down with dogs you’ll get up with fleas” still applies today especially SZ’s campaign as it quietly implodes. Floppy Phelps’ soft support base along with AOQC in Kooyong and Bonkers Banks in Flinders are all being tarnished (unfairly of course. )

As for Labor? BS has three weeks left to learn his policy platform and master the detail of the impact of the tax increases, negative gearing, franked dividend changes on the community and telling the community where he stands on the Adani mine. The relentless media double standards in all of this are horrifying which again supports the GULAG demand for censorship. (Where is Conroy when you need him?)

On one hand the media criticise BS for not being across the detail. Surely the vibe is enough! Yet on the other hand BS is criticised for not providing any detail about the indigenous “voice to parliament” project. Identity politics is vital to GULAG if it is to succeed. The inspired policy offering of dividing people by race should be receiving wide spread support. Instead it is condemned for lack of detail. Here we see the full insidious hand of the hard right exposed. Treating everyone equally denies GULAG the opportunity of playing one sector off against the other. A vital capacity to control society. Divide and rule is not just a saying. It’s a blueprint.

Then we have the Groans. Of the GULAG the Groans have clearly been the strongest performers in the alliance largely by being absent and not in contention.  Their attempt to breathe new life into the Groan (why does spell check do this… the Greens) campaign with Dr Has Been leading an anti-Adani convoy belching CO2 from Hobart to Queensland is less than inspiring. Nor is it likely to lift Dr Dick Nut Ally, let alone Sarah Hyphenate-Young. Nor will their attempt to culturally appropriate Howard’s winning 1996 slogan “For all of us”. But well done for recycling.

Although Labor is the major partner in the GULAG it’s very helpfully bookended by GetUp! and Greens keeping it firmly locked in to the Left.

With pre polling starting tomorrow CBD is confident GULAG will lift its collective game and hammer home it’s policy positions on victimhood, envy, jealousy, division and climate change.

Illustration: GetUp!

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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