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Now ScoMo goes the GULAG on ‘freedom’?

16 May 2019

10:04 AM

16 May 2019

10:04 AM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

With three days to go there is still the frightful prospect of SM campaigning on what CBD has feared throughout could be an election winner for the hard right –freedom.

CBD has never warmed to the hard right bourgeois concepts of freedom – speech, practices, teaching, association and so forth.

But CBD concedes the commitment to freedoms seems to be unfortunately ingrained in most people’s DNA and is therefore a real vulnerability for GULAG in Election 19.

Freedom to support GULAG is a given. But it is a corrosive concept as it allows people to not only not support GULAG, but actively campaign against it when we win government. How can a government go about its task of creating a nirvana for the oppressed if people are given the opportunity to distract the government through mindless voting or indeed outright opposition?

CBD’s fears about the great unwashed and their ridiculous love affair with freedom is regrettably but nevertheless apparently well founded. The recent Galaxy Poll tells us a devastating 75 percent (can you believe three quarters) of the Australian population support legal protections upholding freedoms for people including of faith (of all things).

This suggests 75 percent support for Israel Folau. Poor old Rugby Australia. Only 5 percent seemed to be on Rugby’s side. Is GULAG’s core base really that small? And only 20 percent were undecided.

Now a good emotional campaign on freedom could sway 85 percent plus of the population. GULAG would be wiped out. Massively wiped out. CBD has fingers, toes, everything crossed that SM doesn’t twig to the issue as a vote winner. Hopefully it’s too late but with Israel Folau and the Gladstone Port worker in tow a well-produced advert in the last day or so would be a show changer. As readers know CBD has been exercised (if not panicked) by this issue and its potential since day one. It appears the panic was unnecessary, as five percent deposit for housing seems a more important issue – thankfully.

The extent of the need for Safe Schools and other educationally liberating tools is highlighted by the fact “Fifty-nine percent agree with allowing people who do not agree with homosexual activity to speak freely and publicly about their reasons for objecting to it (and can you believe this) without penalty or adverse action.”

Thank goodness GULAG created all those detention centres, which SM has conveniently emptied. Could be handy for re-education camps after Saturday.  Fingers crossed.

CBD will be contributing regularly throughout the campaign.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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