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Time to drop the binary bulldust and proudly proclaim ‘Happy Acknowledgement Day’?

12 May 2019

3:13 PM

12 May 2019

3:13 PM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

CBD reluctantly admits to some recidivist traits. One is love of parents. Given Mot—- Day (CBD nearly said it ) CBD is highly conflicted. Family and home life for CBD was extremely good. So there is this innate, deep rooted desire to say thank you to CBD’s m—– and f—–

But how does one remain true to GULAG values on the one hand and pay tributes to parents.

CBD has been contemplating this dilemma for some time and is thankful for an understanding employer that is fully committed to resolving these dilemmas in the APS (Australian Public Service).

So as soon as the mandatory and oppressive workload of logging on, then leaving the office for 30 minutes to buy he first coffeed of the day, has been accomplished CBD has the rest of the day to consider issues such as the celebration of M—— Day.

Do we call it Parent One Day? The One bit clothes the parent with a superior status compared to Parent Two. Indeed why need it be Parent One and Parent Two? Very binary. As though one needs a male and female to procreate. Really how old fashioned is our society?

What if a child has a string of parents – egg donor, sperm donor, incubator, carer… Each should be given full status to allow self expression.

But back to CBD’s dilemma. Birthing Parent? Doesn’t sound nice. Very mechanical and cold.

Feeding Parent?  Also too mechanical and cold.

Caregiver? Suggests an emotional bond which needs to be avoided.

And all the while CBD grapples with this fundamental issue SM’s insensitivity is flaunted by his embracing of what he calls Mothers Day. He thinks women are important and should be honoured. His dinosaur thinking suggests that they’re special.

To rub the collective GULAG noses in, it SM has special announcements for the day whose name which cannot be spoken.

In the face of SM’s brazen attempt to maintain this vestige of binary sexism the SRV (the socialist republic of Victoria ) has seen a principal touchingly, sensitively and caringly ban the said day (yet not to be spoken day) and renamed it “Acknowledgement Day”.

What leadership, what vision what trailblazing! (Made Obama’s attempt to describe murdered Christians as Easter Worshippers look quite tame.

In all this conflicted thinking CBD is guided by the GULAG vote in the Senate on the September, 6 2017 when true to principle GULAG voted against Fathers Day in the Senate.

So sorry mother. Thanks for having me. But the PC etiquette requires GULAG adherents to only acknowledge you.

But CBD knows mum knows CBD loves her. Thank goodness CBD confessed in The Spectator. No GULAG follower would ever admit reading it so CBD should be OK.

Happy Mother’s Day.

CBD will be contributing regularly throughout the campaign.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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