Latham's Law

Latham’s law

22 June 2019

9:00 AM

22 June 2019

9:00 AM

Somewhere, most likely in a bunker buried beneath the ABC, there’s a Left-wing laboratory working overtime at inventing new slurs against our country. The Tim Soutphommasane Centre for Depicting Australia as a Racist Nation (DARN) has the toughest job.We have next to no racial conflict on our streets. International studies have consistently shown Australia to be the world’s most tolerant nation. The average Aussie is more likely to think of Xenophobe as a horse running in the third at Randwick than a description of our national character. At last month’s Federal election there was just one prominent party, Fraser Anning’s, running on a platform of discriminatory immigration and it received 0.5 percent of the vote. It’s DARN hard for Soupie and his mates to prove that the other 99.5 percent of the country are actually Hitler-clones baying for the blood of anyone whose ancestors aren’t from Sussex. So they have had to use their ingenuity, inventing the concept of ‘unconscious racism’. We are all racists, we just don’t know it. Only Leftists, with their mind-reading powers, can peer inside 25 million Australian brains and see a beehive of bigotry.

Their latest venture is to go back to the booing of Adam Goodes four years ago and recast the hotdog-loving AFL fans standing in the rain as ‘unconscious racists’. In launching the new Goodes-deification movie, The Final Quarter, filmmaker Ian Darling has said he ‘wants to encourage us to examine ourselves and explore the levels of racism in all of us – whether overt or unconscious.’ Really? So when we booed Goodes for faking for free kicks it was actually because he was Aboriginal, not our disgust at the unfair advantage he took on the field? When we booed him for being a politician playing football it was because of his skin colour, not the way in which every politician gets booed at the footy? When we objected to his menacing war dance and mock spear-throwing that terrified children in the Carlton supporters’ bay, we were actually displaying unconscious racism? And what about the scores of Indigenous AFL players who have been cheered and admired as icons of the game? Legends like Rioli, Wanganeen, Pickett and Wirrpanda? This is where the genius of the Left really kicks in. Every time we have roared with delight at the on-field magic of the Rioli clan, apparently it was an example of suppressed unconscious racism. In the absence of finding evidence of racism in Australia, activists like Soutphommasane and Darling have constructed a perfect world of political self-justification. Anything they can’t see is clearly unconscious. Anything that supports people of colour is clearly a suppression of this unconscious urge. They can’t lose. They have created a circular fantasy in which they can never be wrong, never contradicted in their core, essential dislike of Australia. Darling has read our minds and discovered every Australian is racist, one way or another. Thus his Goodes movie has a predetermined inevitabilty.

There is, however, a compelling upside to the work of DARN. We have in our midst a man of prodigious talent, a national treasure we need to better utilise. Think of the benefits we could derive if Darling became our ambassador-at-large, meeting with world leaders to read their minds, to peer into their subconscious. Is Donald Trump really going to spark an international trade war because Putin told him to? Is Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei just another harmless dude who can’t afford a shaving kit or a dangerous, war-mongering psycho who blows up oil tankers for fun? Only Darling can find out.

There’s a second DARN technique that comes in handy in publishing preconceived research results. When conducting a survey, they change the common meaning of the English language to get the outcome they were looking for in the first place. It’s not easy to prove, for instance, that every man on a university campus is a sexual predator, but Darling and the AHRC have found a way. As the wealthy heir to Victorian agribusinesses, Darling in 2017 paid for the Hunting Ground project to come to Australia from the US, to prove that we too have a rape culture on campus. This was despite the American Hunting Ground film being condemned as ‘propaganda’ by 19 Harvard law professors, including Barack Obama’s mentor, Charles Ogletree. As they say in the classics, never let the facts get in the way of a good story. The film was shown to Australian university students, poisoning the well of the AHRC ‘research’ that followed. Having viewed university life as a rolling Berlusconi-style bunga bunga party, female students were then surveyed about the incidence of sexual harassment

Yet still, the results were unexceptional. Our uni campuses are among the safest places in the community for women. The only way AHRC could pump up the results was to redefine ‘sexual harassment’. It was broadened beyond sexual and physical contact to include ‘staring at women’ or telling risqué jokes. You’ve got to hand it to the Left. Yes, they live in a bubble of virtue-signalling delusion but they have an amazing capacity for using the resources of government and corporate elites to churn out a fantasy world of Australia-hating propaganda. They don’t need old-fashioned stuff like facts and evidence to disparage our country, just plenty of front and plenty of money. Amazingly, few politicians call out this nonsense. Most seem happy to float along in the Left’s evidence-free, prefabricated world. Like the Liberal Speaker in the NSW Parliament, Jonathan O’Dea, who has invited me (and other MPs) to a ‘private screening’ of The Final Quarter, with the ‘powerful film’ to be introduced by Darling himself. So if you hear of a NSW MP booing both Goodes and Darling in Macquarie Street, you’ll know it’s me.

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