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The CBD returns with low-emission bright sparks for these dark days

16 June 2019

7:46 PM

16 June 2019

7:46 PM

Our peeved yet perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

As CBD slowly recognises the need to reconcile oneself to the fact GULAG will be in political Siberia for three years, your correspondent hasn’t found any embers in the ashes.

The hard right hasn’t missed a beat. The dinosaurs who were so out of touch with GULAG groupthink in promoting coal – the much deservedly ridiculed Monash Forum are now ludicrously claiming Adani helped win Election 19 for them. Simply no shame. And how it hurts! This was to be GULAG’s triumphal climate change election. To see Craig Kelly, Tony Abbott, Kevin Andrews, Eric Abetz et al and their stands succeeding is galling. What is even more worrying is their strength in not flinching in the face of scorn being poured on them from a great height by every group thinker including their own then leader MT not to mention the valiant efforts of the ABC, Fairfax etc. To hold the course in those circumstances shows strength and conviction. (Thankfully those characteristics are not needed in SM’s ministry when the talent pool is so deep with Price, Marino and Colbeck).

Talking of conviction politicians. The CFMMEU is seeking to instil this trait into GULAG but has inadvertently misunderstood the type of convictions being sought. So much so AA is seeking to have a cleansing ceremony (remember the CFMMEU backed BS over AA last time), which is turning into a cluster calamity for his leadership. Setka’s refusing to resign and GULAG supporters are twixt and between as to whom to support. CBD has always supported conviction politicians – Theophanous, Thomson, Obeid… so is instinctively attracted to Setka staying put. (Also without their money how could any of the three elements of GULAG survive?)

AA does seem to have gone a bit Batty over Setka’s exercise of free speech. At least AA has kept the GULAG faith on the Folau fiasco.

But here again, the hard right are inexplicably winning the battle. Abetz of all people quoting verses from GULAG’s very own Fair Work Bible at Rugby Australia in defence of Folau’s alleged freedom of religion is just ugly. It’s nothing short of blasphemy. Just another indication of how emboldened they’ve become.

This freedoms nonsense is also gaining momentum with new and emerging elders of the hard right. From under which rocks they emerge baffles CBD. Newcomer LNP Senator Amanda Stoker has shamelessly taken on a Vice-Chancellor — and Sydney University’s to boot. Does she have no understanding that they are protected to enable them to keep the march of Marxism proceeding through the institutions especially in these difficult times of recidivism by the working class? It does hurt to admit that Stoker has sent the VC’s middle stump cartwheeling down the ground. All over this ridiculous notion of freedom.

How do these sorts get the support of the people?

To turn this worrisome trend around GULAG needs to run more campaigns to get the likes of silly Zali elected. For that to happen we need Silly Zali to double down and prove her genuine commitment. We need her to seek subsidised wind farms for Mosman. The repeal of the anti-discrimination provisions in the Fair Work Act but only as they relate to religion could be next. Followed up by a demand for more foreign aid to India’s energy-starved millions in lieu of export royalties from Adani. Normally this would be GetUp’s task. However, they are taking such a beating even from GULAG types questioning their credibility, tactics, integrity, and stewardship CBD fears for their future. Surely telling lies about Frydenberg and Abbott is justified. And supporting Bonkers Banks in Flinders was well motivated. To think Abetz and Morton are just watching on. Truly sad.

Thank goodness AA has given some hope to the true believers with gender quotas for shadow cabinet. AA didn’t need to go on a listening tour to know that was the most important scene setting that needed to be undertaken. His leadership instincts are truly inspiring. The person who was Obeid’s puppet and led Labor to its worst ever defeat in NSW, lost Bennelong, and as BS’s bus hack helped snatch defeat from the jaws of victory could never have become deputy Senate leader without positive discrimination.

The simple fact is Ed Husic’s and Senator Don Farrell’s CV’s just don’t have such highlights. The argument for quotas to remove discriminatory glass ceilings couldn’t be clearer.

And of course, there is still the ABC, PVO of abandoned book fame and Savva with her retitled and rewritten book, who can continue to guide GULAG through these dark times.

CBD contributed exclusively to Flat White throughout the election campaign – and we may not have heard the last of him/her/zi yet.

Illustration: Channel 10/YouTube.

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