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Clementine Ford the arbiter of language? F**k off!

21 August 2019

2:57 PM

21 August 2019

2:57 PM

If hateful hard left exhibitionist extremist Clementine Ford is now the gatekeeper of language, we are all fucked. I would say pardon my French, but apparently there’s no need for politeness or pleasantries anymore so to hell with it.

On Monday, I wrote about the hypocrisy of Channel Ten for employing renowned misandrist Ford while simultaneously criticising conservative broadcaster Alan Jones.

Hours later Channel Ten merrily published yet another piece from Ford asserting, “This must be the end of Alan Jones”. She blindly climbed atop her high horse and slammed “men who don’t… properly consider the impact of the sexist words they say.”

She continued, “Jacinda Ardern is just one of the many people Jones appears to viciously hate for having opinions that do not match his own.”

Did she slip in the shower and forget her own past?

Did she forget calling conservative commentators “cunts”?

Did it slip her mind that she’s doxxed teenage boys and allegedly cost people their jobs?

Clementine Ford, best-selling author and gatekeeper of moral values? Give me a break.

This is the foul-mouthed queen of firing vitriol at an entire gender and anyone who disagrees with her vile brand of man hatred.

Have people lost their minds?

The language festering on Twitter regarding Jones is hideous. “When he finally dies I look forward to taking a dump on his grave and kicking over his headstone,” a human being actually wrote.

Then more humans liked and laughed at those words.

In one breath we say we’re concerned about bullying in this country and then this?

Who is so foolish that they can’t piece this un-puzzling puzzle together and see the so-called role models who’re encouraging this decay?

Ford’s previously foamed, “A panel of fuckheads on Sky News are literally arguing that kids who protest climate change are somehow ruining the world. Bronwyn Bishop is on it. What a cunt.”

And frothed, “It’s days like these that I have zero regrets about calling Miranda Devine a cunt on live telly. Because she is.”

The male suicide rate in Australia is soaring, and mainstream media is applauding Ford’s rhetoric?

Channel Ten is employing this person?

Hey, Mad Witches, is it time for advertisers to start pulling their dollars from there too?

Witches on broomsticks are sharpening their sticks while men are trapped in hellish relationships for fear of losing their children.

It makes me sick to the core.

Misandry is no better than misogyny you absolute galahs.

“Jones is a dinosaur with antiquated opinions and far more influence than he deserves,” says the man-hating extremist with far more influence than she deserves.

You don’t have to dwell long on Ford’s social media platforms to get a feel for the special kind of hatred she inspires and the pack of wolves she gleefully leads.

Someone posted last night, “She [Ford] has bullied women online anonymously too. Have decade-old receipts of her pseudonym’s behaviour over the years. I wish people would stop giving this “feminist” a voice. There are so many better ones.”

The real issue is that years ago Ford used a pseudonym – now she doesn’t need to.

You call that progress?

This whole debacle has proved without a shadow of a doubt that mainstream media in this country is entirely lost to the left. If you doubted that – or need any proof – take a quick glance at the cheer squad of lefty media elites clapping while Ford calls for Jones’ scalp.

What a joke.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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