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GULAG aghast at Wayne Swan’s gender surrender

10 September 2019

11:53 AM

10 September 2019

11:53 AM

Our non-cisgendered prominent political personage from the Progressive Canberra Cadre writes:

Swannie got his election analysis half right about why GULAG — GetUp!, unions, Labor and the Greens — suffered its humiliating and history defying defeat.

The ALP president’s thesis is to keep ‘the big tax big spend’ while dumping some of the social policy.

Dumping some of the social policy? How the ALP can allow such a class traitor to be it’s president baffles CBD. No wonder the workers’ paradise seems so distant.

Swannie is clearly correct (CBD couldn’t say ‘right’ again) on the first and so devastatingly wrong on the second.

Big taxing and big spending is vital to destroy incentive, entrepreneurship, reward for effort and self-reliance – all corrosive virtues promoted by the hard right. Allowing these virtues is to allow a private sector economy to prosper and give the great unwashed the idea they might be able to get on with life without government determining their every move. Such independence stifles the relentless march of the establishment of the workers’ paradise. The truth of Marxism just seems to evade the hard right’s consciousness and thinking. Their recidivism and counter-revolutionary thinking is truly troubling.

How can people in the twenty-first century be so ignorant about the great success of the USSR, Cuba, North Korea and China in delivering freedom and well being to their peoples? Just ask the people of Hong Kong how good the move from British imperialism to Communist China has been. Their rioting on the streets in thankfulness for their liberation from democracy and the rule of law is a spontaneous expression of their gratitude. Yet the hard-right media deliberately distort the spontaneous support for the Communist regime as a demonstration against the workers’ paradise. How perverse. Hopefully, CBD and GULAG can rely on Their ABC to provide the much-needed balance.

GULAG supporters salute Swannie’s strength and resilience in not giving in to the mantra of the ugly hard right on this issue.

But oh, what a disappointment on social policy. Doesn’t Swannie know about the need to deconstruct family and the value of human life? Who doesn’t support full-term abortions? And sex-selection abortions for that matter? The fact more baby girls are aborted than baby boys because they are seen as more desirable is yet another example of the hard right’s fleeing to the refuge of facts and evidence in their advocacy. Just because most women have abortions because of pressure by men doesn’t mean it’s not a feminist value to be pro-choice.

What’s more when we get rid of this ridiculous binary concept of dividing society into boys and girls, male and female the better off we will all be. The sooner we can be divided into the certainty of ‘fluid’ and the dozens of other options (not enough letters in the alphabet CBD fears) the better – which brings CBD on to that other vital social imperative to deconstruct society; transgenderism.

Now tell CBD who wouldn’t want their pre-pubescent girl sharing the showers with a shaving male at the local high school. The blessed diversity of the experience which has been denied for millennia will finally be let loose. The richness of it. The wokeness. Are Australians really that backward they wilfully would want to deny this experience in the education context? Just goes to show you can’t trust parents to bring up their children.

But if even Swannie has reservations you get an understanding of the mammoth nature of the re-education task required to be undertaken by GULAG.

Yes, GULAG’s now idle and empty immigration detention centres could come into their own by facilitating this vital task.

The CBD contributed exclusively to Flat White throughout the 2019 election campaign – and we have not heard the last of him/her/zi yet.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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