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Extinction Rebellion and all the latest rage in cataclysm

18 October 2019

1:45 PM

18 October 2019

1:45 PM

Hypocrite: One who falsely professes to be virtuously or religiously inclined; one who pretends to be other and better than he is; hence, a dissembler, pretender. (Shorter OED).

Everyone has been inconvenienced by the activities of those associated with Extinction Rebellion, an organisation co-founded by the disaffected English Marxist, Roger Hallam who happily announced that in bringing down the government, some people may die in the process.

XR is the far left climate change group that is so sure that carbon will end the world, that the left-wing lunatic activist (LWLA) members of XR have glued and screwed themselves to most things public around most western nations including Australia in order to cause as much disruption as possible. It is for a good cause, though. After all, it’s not every day that the future of the planet is under threat from global warming climate change.

Hang around!

What about the 1967 famine forecast by the ecologist, Paul Ehrlich  “the time of famines” is upon us and “birth control may have to be involuntary.” And what about the 1971 forecast of a new ice age ‘as little as 50 or 60 years away’. Now, let me see, 1971 plus 50 or 60, would mean that the ice age will be here sometime between 2021 and 2031. Well, at least that will negate the global warming.

In 1974, the Guardian, that left-wing monument to half-truth and left-wing fabrications, reported that a new ice age was coming fast. Then there was Professor Jim Hanson, not the creator of the Muppets, but the muppet-scientist who in 1988 forecast that by 2019 (that’s this year, if you haven’t been paying attention), “The Westside Highway [which runs along the Hudson River in New York] will be underwater”. Except it’s not.

You can read right here all the 41 fake predictions made by the climate alarmists between 1967 and 2014, that haven’t come true. Read objectively, it just seems to follow, as night the day, that if the world must end it will be by an ice age; and if not, it will end by heatstroke.

That is as much as the woke mob of chicken little, grey-haired retirees and ignorant, school-skipping children who nailed themselves to various public structures in order to inconvenience people in major cities all around the world. None of them understand the maths on which the crazy predictions are based. None understand the physics. Someone from XR told them that the end of the world was nigh. That’s all.

For all their hand wringing and breathless hysteria, they were mistaken if they thought they were showing empathy for the earth’s condition. They were merely cannon fodder to mad Marxists who want to destroy rather than reform, steal value rather build and it seems, kill people if necessary. Chanting “Two wheels good; four wheels bad”, those who mindless, ignorant automatons were being led to the edge of the cliff.

How do you stop the ignorant from being ignorant? I am told that mass stupidity starts in the head. Sometimes, it only takes one example to wake people up. That example showed, that the face of XR, the head Lemming was never going to jump with the mob because she didn’t believe her own hype. She was never convinced that burning carbon would cause the extinction she claimed to foresee. It also showed that the LWLAs Lemmings were just the sort of people that governments must protect from self-harm.

The example was in the form of another co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, the English Marxist activist, Gail Bradbrook. Gail might have a PhD in molecular biophysics and may have joined the Greens at the age of 14, but she is so stupid, she was caught out boasting that she spent £2,500 to fly 11,000 miles (not kilometres) to stay in the luxury New Life Iboga resort in Central America, Costa Rica. The carbon footprint for Bradbrook’s trip was estimated to be 2.6 tonnes, a quarter of an ordinary Brit’s annual carbon footprint. Everyone else has to stop flying and driving, everyone, it seems, except Gail Bradbrook.

What triggered Gail’s decision to set up Extinction Rebellion? It is reported that she was “inspired to create the protest group after taking psychedelic drugs and ‘praying in a deep way’, describing the moment “as a ‘really intense experience’ where she prayed for the ‘codes of social change’ and within one month her pray was ‘literally answered’.”

And that, dear friends, is the definition of ‘hypocrite’.

The New South Wales government is being tempted to enact a law that legalises pill testing so that children can have a meaningful psychedelic experience without dying. I don’t know what that government has been smoking, but why not have all children ex officio members of Extinction Rebellion. That way, someone else does the drugs, and the kids only have to worry about which cliff to jump off.

David Long is a retired solicitor, economist and PhD candidate at Griffith University School of Law.

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