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How the left’s Mad F***king Witches hexed themselves

14 October 2019

5:00 AM

14 October 2019

5:00 AM

Sunday provided a harsh but essential reminder that the far left of politics will never be happy. You may try to indulge their crazy demands, you may even tolerate their naked climate change protests, but eventually you will be forced to realise that they will never be satisfied.

ABC’s Insiders dared to have well-known columnist and regular panellist Gerard Henderson onto the couch.

A man (gasp).

A white man (splutter).

He was, of course, carefully balanced with ABC’s obsessively enforced gender quota requirements, a Kristina Keneally interview and a journo from The Guardian fittingly perched on the left-hand side of the screen.

But, if there’s one thing far-left extremists loathe more than right-wing opinions, it’s conservative views being spoken by a white man of a certain age.

So-called ‘Mad F**king Witches’ fumed, “Please join witches in boycotting Insiders until they stop highlighting hopelessly compromised has-been twats like Henderson using some f***ed-up “balance” argument instead of being interested in ACTUAL KNOWN FACTS.”

His crime? Criticising Greta Thunberg.


If you cast your mind back, The ‘Mad F***ing Witches’ is the mob who called for the head of Alan Jones.

Last week they similarly called for the head of Kerri-Ann Kennerley for daring to joke that climate protesters should be “used as speed bumps”.


What a surprise they now take offence at Henderson being given a platform to speak.

Colour me shocked.

Make no mistake — this is nothing more than a hate group.

On Sunday they also ranted, “the world has been destroyed because people would not elect or promote women and the man they chose instead were mostly Nazi c**ts. There’s now an infinitesimal chance it will be saved if enough people put aside their internalised misogyny to empower women. Your choice, world.”

Let’s leave the foul language and insults to one side for a moment and focus on the undeniable fact that there are plenty of women in politics in this country and all around the globe.

Plus, women are human beings too; they are not more innocent or intrinsically pure than men.

Neither do they all think the same.

Its time these hateful clowns realised is that it’s not just middle-aged white men who hold common sense views –- or dare to question Messiah Thunberg.

Call for all the boycotts you like but you won’t successfully silence the women who breathe more compassion to all than foul anti-male bias.

Merrily call for all the bans you fancy but you won’t be able to ignore the many quiet Australians who are increasingly furious that these far-left extremist feminists pretend to speak for all women.

They don’t.

Perhaps it’s time the(ir) ABC started inviting some young female conservatives onto their panels rather than obsessing about the colour of people’s skin and calling that diversity?

Illustration: Warner Brothers.

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